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Make the Most of Your IT Recruiting Partnership

Posted by John Brandwagt

You teamed up with an IT recruiting firm because it was the right thing to do. Now you’re wondering if it really was the right decision. Your partnership with an IT recruiter has certainly been valuable to your hiring process and your company. Can you get even more out of it?

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Reviewing Job Descriptions

Have you asked your partner recruiter to review your job descriptions before you post them? If not, you probably should. Many employers believe their job descriptions are fine just the way they are. They then wonder why they’re not attracting more qualified candidates.

An IT recruiter will be able to point out areas for improvement. They can help you rework your descriptions to craft more accurate job postings. In turn, you’ll receive applications from more qualified candidates.

Expanding Your Network

If you’re asking your IT recruiter to post to the same old haunts, it’s time to let them take the reins. One of the reasons you teamed up with the agency in the first place was to gain access to its network.

IT recruiters have much larger networks than most individual hiring managers. They work with both companies and candidates. They also have a better knowledge of where to post jobs to find particular kinds of candidates. They may even be able to leverage personal connections to find passive candidates.

There’s no point in working with a recruiter if you only want them to post to the same places you were using in the first place. Give them the freedom to strategically place your job postings and watch as you find better candidates.

Hire for Any Position

Are you only working with a recruiter to find temporary hires? This is another way hiring managers don’t get the most of their partnerships with IT recruitment companies. If you trust the recruiter enough to hire for temporary positions, let them fill permanent positions too. Many agencies recruit for both.

Your IT recruiters are experts at what they do. Whatever open IT role you have, a recruiter can fill it.


Working with a recruiter allows you to find better candidates. You can access a wider network. You may even receive more applications when you work with an IT recruitment agency.

More applications aren’t always a good thing. You may find you have to spend more time combing through applications. It may become more difficult to narrow down the field.

That is, if you don’t let your IT recruiter narrow the field for you first. Most IT recruitment agencies offer pre-screening services to their clients. They review your applicants then they pass along a short list of candidates who meet your criteria.

You can spend more time reviewing the best and brightest instead of sifting through dozens of resumes.


You can also ask your IT recruiter to conduct a round of initial interviews with candidates. This lightens your workload even more. The recruiters will pass along the applications of candidates who do well in the initial interview. You can then decide which of these candidates are offered a second interview.

This increases the chances you’ll make a great hire.

Reviewing Your Hiring Process

There’s one more thing your IT recruitment agency can help you with: reviewing and revising your hiring process.

If you’ve been struggling with bad hires, high turnover, or a lack of applications, the problem could be in your hiring process. The recruiter you’ve partnered with is an expert at streamlining the hiring process. Let them take a look. Chances are they’ll have some tips for how you can improve.

To make the most of your IT recruiting partnership, add value by incorporating these tasks.

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