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The 6 Most In Demand IT Jobs in Canada for 2016

Posted by Kris Johnson

The_6_Most_In_Demand_IT_Jobs_in_Canada_for_2016.jpgCompanies from all sectors are hiring information technology experts at an extremely rapid pace. With the business world adapting to innovative technologies and new career options popping up all the time, it’s no surprise that talented IT hires are among the most sought after individuals on the job market right now. So what kinds of IT jobs are companies hiring for? Keep reading to find out which jobs in IT are the most in demand for 2016, and what exactly makes them so great.

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1. Software Developers

IT employees who are skilled in development have got it made in the business world—they often get to take part in some of the most creative aspects of IT, while also being among the most sought after in terms of employment. These professionals generally fall into two categories: there are the application developers, who have the job of designing computer software and databases, and the systems-focused developers, who build operating systems. Both types of developers are expected to see job growth of around 12% over the next five years, making them one of the most in demand IT jobs in Canada.

2. Information Security Analyst

It’s a bit surprising that it took us this long to catch on to how important IT security is for the smooth operation of our daily lives, but it’s only recently that we’ve seen a massive boom in demand for information security analysts. They plan and monitor the security of computer networks for companies and government agencies, making them an incredibly important part of the tech landscape. This field is expected to grow rapidly in 2016, making those skilled in cyber security a hot commodity.

3. Web Developers

Web developers often have the most visible jobs. They’re the ones who are responsible for the function of a company’s website—and it’s the developers who can think outside the box who are most sought after. It’s commonplace now for any major company to have a flawlessly functional website, so web developers who know how to program a webpage better than a competitor’s can be a huge asset to a business. Job growth for web developers is expected to be around 11% for the next 5 years, and hitting its peak in 2016.

4. Computer Systems Analyst

Computer systems analysts have a lot to juggle in the workplace; they have to understand computer hardware, software, and networks—and how they all come to work together. It’s their job to make recommendations to organizations for which systems are the best to use, and to tailor them to best suit their client’s needs. This job requires a multitude of different skills, making them an asset to companies who require one.

5. Computer User Support Specialists

When most people think of information technology, a computer user support specialist is what they picture. These are the professionals who help tech-challenged users at a company to resolve their technological problems. Troubleshooting requires a special blend of communication skills and tech skills, meaning the job isn’t for everyone. Employers are willing to fight hard for a skilled user support specialist, making them incredibly in demand for the coming year.

6. Database Administrator

With all of the data that businesses are churning out, it takes a specially skilled worker to be able to put that data to work. This in-demand profession requires the knowledge of setting up databases to fit a company’s needs, and then maintaining and operating those databases. It could also involve a level of security, troubleshooting, and data recovery, so a well-rounded  tech knowledge is an asset.

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