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Top Qualities for All Types of Jobs in IT

Posted by John Brandwagt

There are many different types of jobs in IT, and almost all of them are in demand across Canada right now. Almost every industry has become heavily reliant on IT in this day and age, meaning IT has become invaluable across a number of sectors. In turn, this demand has created a shortage of IT professionals and IT skills. 

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While IT professionals must develop some fairly specific skills in order to truly excel at their given vocation—a front-end developer has a different set of skills than a data analyst—there are some skills every IT professional should develop, no matter what type of job in IT they’re performing.

Security Know-How

Of all the types of jobs in IT, virtually all of them will have a run-in with security every now and then. Security and IT go hand in hand, a fact more and more companies are becoming aware of. 

As security breaches and identity thefts become more common, more people and businesses are concerned about security—as they should be. As a result, there’s more demand for IT to step up security. Mobile apps need security, just as cloud computing and local IT networks need security. 

As a result, great security skills are an asset for anyone across all types of jobs in IT.


Next up, one of the most sought-after soft skills for any position in any company: great communication skills. Whether you’re writing an email, leaving notes in your code for the next developer, or presenting an idea to company management, communication is key. 

Which is why, across all types of jobs in IT, hiring managers are looking for people who can not only do the job, but can communicate well with their teammates.


Most of the types of jobs in IT require at least some flexibility. It’s actually a great idea for IT professionals to develop proficiency across two or three skillsets. You might be hired on as a mobile app developer, but you may also end up doing a lot of UI/UX design work, along with working on the website or another product for the company.

As a result of this mixing, most types of jobs in IT demand some adaptability from the people filling the roles. It’s another soft skill high on the priority list of hiring managers, so think about how your skill set can be made more flexible—and how easily you adapt to changing requirements and environments.

Emotional Intelligence

Yes, it’s another soft skill—and it’s important for most types of jobs in IT. Emotional intelligence refers to a person’s ability to read the reactions of their colleagues and co-workers—and then to react appropriately to those responses themselves. Emotional intelligence gives you an intuitive understanding of when you need to be sympathetic or empathetic, and when it’s a good time to make the pitch for the new app product you and your team have been dreaming up.

Why is emotional intelligence so important? While you might be a genius at coding or a whiz at UI/UX design, you’ll probably encounter friction with the people you’re working with if you lack emotional intelligence.

Analytical Skills

Whether it’s data analysis or business analysis, many hiring managers are now beginning to demand their IT professionals have some analytical skills when they step into IT roles with the company.

The good news is most people can sharpen their skills in this arena and learn to think more analytically without too much training. Whether you determine you want to specialize in analyzing data or not, you can easily hone this skill to make yourself more marketable.

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