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Job # 41671: Payroll Administrator


Job Code: #41671
Title: Payroll Administrator
Job Type: Finance and Accounting
Job Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Date Posted: 22-Aug-2014

Job Description:

Payroll Administrator  14 Month Contract

Required Qualifications:

*  Three plus years in a Payroll Office performing all payroll functions;

*  Excellent skills using ADP, MS Word, Excel, and Internet Explorer

*  Strong skills using and understanding the flow of transactions in an integrated and automated payroll accounting system

*  Ability to maintain confidentiality and exercise extreme discretion

*  Excellent problem solving/judgment skills, and high level of attention to detail and accuracy

*  Strong organizational skills, and the ability to work under pressure

*  Ability to handle and prioritize multiple tasks and meet all deadlines


*  Responsible for the preparation and processing of biweekly payroll; review and ensure accuracy of approved timesheets; track and deduct all garnishments and other special payroll deductions

*  Responsible for the coordination efforts between payroll, human resources, budget and other departments to ensure proper flow and maintenance of employee data (including preparation/distribution of detailed reports, e.g. labor, overtime, leave balances, head count)

*  Handle the administration of setup each employee, valid programs for each employee's charges, and adherence to employment regulations; monitor submissions of approved timesheets, ensure valid data transfers to/from payroll service

*  Establish/maintain employee records; ensure that employee changes are entered correctly and made on a timely basis;


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