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3 Mobile Apps IT Leaders Are Using

Posted by John Brandwagt

Mobile technology has taken the world by storm over the last fifteen years, transforming basic communication devices into the tiny powerful computers we know today. Our phones are now able to do almost everything a modern techie can dream of—from the simplest everyday tasks like turning up our thermostat, to monitoring core IT services.

Not all apps are created equally, however. While many of our mobile applications sit unwanted and unused, there are a few out there that IT leaders consider crucial to their every day work process. Here’s how tech leaders are using these apps, and why you should consider downloading them, too.

1. Slack

Most businesses rely heavily on efficient communication, and while email and texting have served their purpose in the past, applications like Slack are providing an even better user experience to organizations around the world.

This cloud-based team collaboration tool functions like a chat room, while providing archiving services, app integration, file sharing, and liberal emoji usage. One of the most effective features that Slack has to offer is private group messaging through topic channels, so not everyone in the office gets messages intended just for the marketing department. This allows for teams to be broken up into their own respective projects, making for a cleaner and faster communication platform.

IT leaders also value Slack’s search feature, which unlike many other chat applications, makes all files, conversations, and people searchable in one easy step. For some of your more un-organized team members, this feature can be a lifesaver.

2. Keeper

When your business has gone fully digital, there’s no way to avoid having a few dozen important passwords lying around to log into all of your various software. Instead of having them all typed into an insecure Excel sheet that anyone can access, Keeper offers an option to securely store website passwords, financial information, and other various sensitive documents.

With so much importance being placed on cyber security lately, IT leaders are finding the most efficient ways to keep their data safe and secure. Keeper encrypts all of your information into a private cloud, storing all of your most sensitive data away from hackers and preventing data theft.

IT leaders also value Keeper for addressing the issue of password fatigue—where even the most safety-minded techies can fall into bad security habits caused by needing to remember an excessive number of passwords. If you’ve been entrusted with private information or find yourself using the same insecure password for every account you have, Keeper just might be the application for you.

3. LinkedIn

Of all the social media applications, IT leaders can appreciate LinkedIn’s services the most. Networking is a huge part of a tech leader’s job, despite the idea that the world thinks their job is spent entirely stuck behind a computer screen.

The LinkedIn application provides a quick, easy way to connect with other professionals in a way that filters out all of the fluff found on Twitter and Facebook. IT leaders need to stay up-to-date on industry news, and social applications can be a great tool to discover trends and breakthroughs happening in the world of technology.

Many tech leaders also have the job of candidate recruitment, and LinkedIn is a place where many of them are going to vet qualified personnel. Without all of the noise that surrounds various other social platforms, LinkedIn gives IT leaders a great way to scout for their next qualified candidate in the touch of a button.

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