18 Nov

3 Very Different Types of Jobs in IT

Posted by John Brandwagt

Throughout the life cycle of the information technology industry, there have been hundreds of different job titles to choose from—and hundreds more will be created over the course of the next few years. Typically when people imagine an IT department, they picture a half dozen people staring at a computer performing troubleshooting work for users. While this type of support work is certainly an important part of information technology, there are many more diverse and exciting roles to be had in tech.

Whether it’s in programming, design, business, or security, there’s a job in IT out there for everyone. Here are just three of the many different types of jobs to be had in information technology.

1. Developers

One of the largest and most diverse sectors in information technology is in development. This encompasses a number of areas—including programming and coder jobs. This area involves a lot of technical work, attention to detail, and communication skills. The work can vary from software development, hardware development, game creation, and website design.

One of the greatest perks of becoming a developer is how challenging and interesting your projects can be. Developers are often thought of as the architects of technology—they write code, find ways to make it clean and well factored, and iron out any errors to be had. While these skills involve a fair bit of specific training to be done successfully, they can be applied in a number of areas. Developing apps for startups, creating personalized programs for large corporations, and even developing websites for individuals—development projects can be as diverse as the people who work on them. Of the many different types of jobs in IT, developers can have the most flexibility when it comes to their area of focus.

2. Business Analyst

It might seem like a bit of a conflict of interest to mix business and technology, butbusiness analysts do just that. Their main job is to discuss information technology with business managers, tech leaders, and end users in order to find improvements and solutions for business operations involving tech processes. They also provide advice for business owners on how they can use technology most effectively to save time, money, and improve work productivity.

Ultimately, a business analyst will gather information and data to analyze their client’s needs and create a project plan. It’s their job to take both their technical know-how and business prowess to provide a tailored blueprint for how technology can enhance the business practices of an organization.Although a wide understanding of technology is certainly necessary to perform this role effectively, it’s one of the few jobs in IT that doesn’t require a technical degree or certification.

3. Cyber Security

The cyber security industry has experienced a boom in necessity over the last few years, as major security breaches face bigger consequences and become more public. Out of the different types of jobs in IT, this is becoming among the most vital—and employers have only just recently caught on. These IT experts are trained to perform risk assessment, analyze security measures, and plan defences to prevent any future security breaches. This job requires a quick attention to detail and a fair amount of crisis management—making it perfect for those who crave just a little bit of excitement in their tech career.

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