18 Mar

4 Advantages of Partnering with an IT Staffing Firm in 2016

Posted by John Brandwagt

4_Advantages_of_Partnering_with_an_IT_Staffing_Firm_in_2016.jpgWhen you’ve got an open information technology position at your company, it can be taxing on you and your business to undergo the full recruitment process. Your employees will have to pick up the slack of an extra workload, you need to spend time sorting through piles of resumes, and the longer the position is open the more exposed you are to vulnerabilities and crashes. In order to prevent these issues from happening, you need to work with an IT staffing firm for your hiring needs. Here’s what you need to know about the benefits of partnering with an IT staffing firm in 2016.

1. Expertise

Unless you’re running a tech-focused company, the chances are that you’re not a total expert in the field of information technology. In order to make the right hire, you need to know the current trends in tech, what the hot certifications are, the details of the job description, and exactly what type of hardware and software your new recruit will be working with on a daily basis. An IT staffing agency will have a level of expertise in these areas that far exceeds your own, because this is their core business. Their level of focus on finding the right IT candidate for you means that you don’t have to worry about becoming an expert in tech before you have to make your next hire.

2. Reduced Risk

The cost of making a bad hire is surprisingly high in 2016, especially in information technology. Companies can spend up to $50,000 on hiring and training a new employee alone, meaning that the investment that you make on a new hire is steep. If you’re trying to recruit in IT on your own, the risk is far greater that you’ll hire someone who doesn’t match with your company and the role that they need to fill, resulting in costly turnover time. Working with an IT staffing firm means that all of the pre-screening and qualifying processes are done for you, so you’ll only get the top percentage of candidates. This way, you’ll only get matched with the best of the best and your risk of making a bad hire is greatly reduced.

3. You’ll Save Time

When you go through the hiring process on your own, there is an enormous amount of time-eating busywork to go through. First you need to create a job description, then you need to find the right job board to post to, then you have to sort through resumes, narrow down your candidates, and contact the ones you want—and that’s all before you even hit the interview. IT staffing agencies already have a deep network of qualified talent, and have already done most of the work for you. This enables you to bypass a lot of the time consuming recruitment processes so you can focus on making the right decision for your new hire.

4. Find Passive Candidates

Good IT employees are incredibly in demand, meaning that most top tech experts have already been scooped up by your competitors. These types of professionals are called passive candidates—because while they might already have current employment, it doesn’t mean they’re not open to new opportunities if the right one came around. IT staffing firms have lasting connections with these types of candidates and know what it will take to recruit them, so working with the right one will give you access to the most qualified hires in the business. They’ll also help you to make the best offers to passive candidates, so you can attract them to your business better than you could manage on your own.

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