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4 Emerging Cyber Security Risks and What You Need to Know

Posted by Simon Delisle

4_Emerging_Cyber_Security_Risks_and_What_You_Need_to_Know.jpgThe cyber security landscape is growing more complex all the time, with the coming years presenting more challenges than ever for businesses trying to keep on top of their IT security. Cyber attacks grow more persistent and sophisticated by the day, so it pays to keep on top of what’s to come in emerging cyber security risks. Here are a few of the biggest risks to your cyber security over the coming years, and what you can do to help prevent them from affecting your business.

Insecurity in the Internet of Things

The recent emergence of the Internet of Things has allowed for incredible advancements in terms of work productivity and efficiency. With your thermostat, coffee maker, TV, and car all being able to be connected through your electronic devices, you can now speed through minor tasks that used to cause interruptions in your daily life.

Unfortunately, the connectivity that the Internet of Things allows also means that it is susceptible to hacking. With the amount of data being exchanged between these devices, machine-to-machine security is more important than ever. The biggest challenge faced by the Internet of Things is consumers’ unwillingness to pay for a more secure device, leading manufacturers to skimp on security measures. Ensuring that all of your devices are up to date on their security policies and paying for “things” with a security guarantee can go a long way in keeping your electronics safe from malicious attacks.

Take-It-or-Leave-It Policies

The increasing reliance on applications in the workforce has certainly made life easier for the layman, but it can also result in a loss of privacy as well. Many of us either don’t read the privacy policies or simply accept whatever we’re offered, resulting in a take-it-or-leave-it way of operating: either you accept to an unsafe privacy policy, or give up using the application altogether.

There is very little flexibility to what we’re offered, and many people just end up accepting the policy without much thought. Data is then exchanged freely with a third party, and it becomes very difficult to keep track of what type of information is being accessed and when. Having an IT security expert review any privacy policies that are being offered before the terms are agreed to can help you to become more aware of how much of your data is being accessed, and in what ways it’s being used.

Mobile Devices

The trend in enterprise mobility has launched us into a world of smartphones and tablets, with the usage of mobile devices surpassing that of traditional browsing in recent years. However, just like the viruses and spyware that can infect your desktop computer, security threats can affect mobile devices too. Malicious apps that are designed to commit fraud are on the rise, and web-based threats pose a persistent issue for mobile devices. Protecting your smartphone is just as important as protecting your home computer, and ensuring that you don’t download any unfamiliar attachments, click on strange links, or browse at-risk webpages can help you to keep your mobile data safe.

The Lack of Skilled Security Experts

The biggest cyber security risk facing businesses today is not having the staff to properly enforce security measures in the workplace. Having skilled IT security experts on your team can help prevent costly breaches before they happen, and can monitor any known risks to your company’s cyber safety. Hiring a dedicated employee to help you keep your data safe can be the difference between a devastating hacking scandal and keeping your business up and running.

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