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4 Resources to Enhance Your IT Skills

Posted by Simon Delisle

Are you searching for a new job in the IT industry? Have you been daydreaming about switching careers or are you hoping to land your ideal job? Often, all it takes is the willingness to take a risk. If you’ve been thinking about it, then go for it. Winter is a great time to start looking for jobs as competition is less, and a fiscal year is round the corner - which means any open position has the budget to scale.


If you’re feeling unprepared or worried you won’t get the job, upgrade your IT skills. Whether you’re hoping to land your dream job or you just want to be up to date when you do decide to start your search, these four resources can help.

1. Webinars

Maybe you already have a particular set of in-demand IT skills. You’re hoping to make sure you’re up to date before you hit the job market. After all, you want to be sure you have what employers are looking for. 

It could be your current role doesn’t enable you to practice these skills, so maybe you’re hoping to shake the rust off, so to speak. No matter what scenario describes you, a webinar or other online course is a great solution. 

Most webinars are a single session. Online courses may consist of a few short videos or they may be more in-depth. Either way, they’re usually short, focused sessions designed to help you learn or enhance one of your IT skills. They’re also designed to fit in with your already busy day-to-day life. For the IT professional, webinars are a great way of enhancing IT skills you already have.

2. Professional Associations

The IT field shifts quite frequently. New jobs come and go almost all the time. As new technology emerges, new professional designations crop up. When that technology becomes outdated or morphs into something else, those designations change again. 

Professional associations may not exist for your specific job title or role because of these rapid shifts in expectations and even the existence of the role. Nonetheless, professional associations do exist for IT professionals and you should consider joining a couple associations that are relevant to your field of interest and expertise. 

How does joining an association enhance your IT skills? Most associations offer access to a variety of workshops, seminars, and even courses you could complete to enhance your IT skills. Some will even look for volunteers to sit on committees, which can help you develop and hone soft skills like communication, leadership, and teamwork skills.

3. Attend Conferences

Another way to enhance your IT skills is to attend conferences about the specific skill or field you’re hoping to work on. Conferences usually provide opportunities for attendees to hear from the experts, get updates on the latest developments, and even get some hands-on experience.

While a conference isn’t going to teach you the basics or help you build your IT skills from the ground up, it can be a great way to get additional experience and insider knowledge.

4. Pick up a Book

There are many good guides out there. If you want to develop a particular skill, there’s almost certainly a book that will walk you through it. If you’re hoping to advance your IT skills, you may be able to find books on specific tricks of the trade.

Keep in mind book publishing can move slowly, so you’ll want to be sure the book you choose is up to date. If the book was published five years ago, it may not be relevant any longer. Also check for books with additional supports, such as online tutorials or quizzes so you can test your knowledge.

Enhancing your IT skills is an easy thing to do. So much knowledge is available to you. If you’re hoping to land a new IT job in the near future, brush up on the skills employers are looking for.


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