18 Apr

5 Essential Information Technology Skills for 2016

Posted by Simon Delisle

5_Essential_Information_Technology_Skills_for_2016.jpgIf your plans for 2016 include starting a new career in information technology, you need to know what employers are looking for in desirable candidates. Even if you’re not looking for a new job, it can take a little bit of planning to make sure that you’re keeping up to date with what’s hot and what’s not in the information technology sector. We’ve put together a checklist of 2016’s most essential information technology skills for the future, so you can be prepared to put your best foot forward and remain highly employable in the coming months.

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1. Cloud Computing

Many of those working in information technology jobs are going to look back on 2015 as the year of the Cloud. Most businesses are beginning to realize how vital cloud computing is to the daily life of a company, making those with the skills to operate the various cloud computing software like Hbase and Hadoop a hot commodity. Instead of being a niche skill set, 2016 will see cloud computing skills become more prominent as demand for experts in this area continues to grow. Getting ahead of the game and learning these skills now will guarantee that employers will want your services in the future.

2. Data Mining and Analysis

Digital data is bigger and more useful than ever, and business owners are looking for the best ways to make use of that data. Having the skills to extract information from large sets of data (or “Big Data”) can be incredibly useful to employers, and in 2016 the need for statistical analysis is going to make those skilled in these areas incredibly in demand on the job market.

3. Mobile Development

The time has come where the majority of the world uses their mobile phones as their primary access the Internet. As a result, all websites and applications need to be optimized for the multitude of mobile devices out there, including smartphones and tablets. If you’re able to develop for mobile technologies or know the various mobile programming languages, your skills will be necessary for most companies to keep up with emerging trends in the business world.

4. Web Development

Much like mobile development, web development is vital to the health of any organization. It’s necessary for even the smallest company to have a web presence in 2016, making the need for skilled web developers a priority for most hiring managers in the coming year. If you’re just starting to make a name for yourself in web development, never fear—the need for independent consultants and freelance developers are on the rise as well. If you’re looking for this type of contract work, working with an IT employment agency is your best bet. They’ll make it easier for you to find the best companies to work for on your terms.

5. Enterprise Content Management Systems

With all of the data being produced by businesses, the need for fully functioning enterprise content management systems has grown exponentially—and the need for skilled ECM workers has grown with it. With all of the various steps it takes to make an enterprise content management system work successfully, businesses need information technology professionals who are skilled in applications like Sharepoint, and have backgrounds in Lean Six Sigma methodologies and Prosci certifications. If this skill set is similar to yours—or if you want to take the steps to start learning the ins and outs of enterprise content management for the future—businesses will be scrambling to recruit you onto their teams in 2016.

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