29 Jun

5 Fastest-Growing Skills in Information Technology

Posted by John Brandwagt

As new innovations are being made in tech, IT pros need to rise to the challenge of learning how to operate and maintain new tools and software in order to keep up to date in the business world. It’s not enough in today’s market to be good at just one thing—you need to become a juggling act of skills to be seen as attractive to employers in this incredibly competitive industry.

Here are five of the fastest-growing skills in information technology today, and how you can add them to your ever-growing repertoire to land the job of your dreams.

1. Big Data

If you’re surprised by big data making this list, you clearly haven’t been paying attention. Big data is a massive component of the tech industry today, and businesses are looking to use this data for a competitive edge to gain insight into customer behaviour or user patterns.

With many businesses producing large-scale data in volumes that are unmanageable without a knowledgeable tech pro to manage it, learning not only to capture this data but also how to process, analyze, and interpret it will prove to be one of the most important resources for IT pros today.

2. Azure

Microsoft Azure is a cloud-computing platform that allows its users to build, deploy, and manage applications through its services—helping to streamline and simplify mobile app development and analytics. With Azure being designed to specifically improve productivity for tech professionals, it’s an incredibly marketable skill to learn.


Many older information technology professionals have had dealings with Bugzilla in the past, but in recent years JIRA has become the more desirable of the two for many hiring managers looking for that particular skill set. JIRA is a service that allows for bug tracking, issue tracking, and project management—making it a must-have for many online user-based companies on the market today. Information technology experts who are comfortable with JIRA’s systems will find that their set of skills is more often a prerequisite for employers, rather than just a nice asset to have.

4. Electrical Engineering

With the Internet of Things growing in popularity, it should be no surprise that electrical engineers are also growing in demand to meet that need. As the role deals with the design, programming, application, manufacturing, and operation of electronic systems, electrical engineers are able to find themselves in an extremely desirable position in the job market today. Employers from huge corporations all the way to smaller startups are finding demand in these technological chameleons, making their expertise among the fastest growing set of skills in information technology.

5. Cloud Computing

If you’ve been involved in tech at all over the last five years, it’s been practically impossible to avoid the buzz that cloud computing has generated in the business world. Companies are now beginning to adapt to the avalanche of cloud computing services available, and this rapid growth means that the demand for those with the skills to maintain and operate cloud architecture is growing more every day.

Most importantly, companies are much more willing to open their wallet to actually employ a full-time expert with the skills to operate their cloud computing services, meaning that candidates with cloud expertise are consistently finding lucrative opportunities in some of the best businesses. With many companies relying on the cloud to help support their daily activities, the demand for experts in this field will only grow over the course of the next five years—making it one of the fastest growing set of skills in information technology.

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