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5 Hottest IT Jobs for 2016

Posted by John Brandwagt

5_Hottest_IT_Jobs_for_2016.jpgWhether you want to design complex computer software, provide tech support, or prevent data hacking, there’s a hot job in tech out there for you. With lots of new openings and high salaries in 2016, IT jobs are making increasingly attractive careers for those with a passion in tech. If you’re looking to make a change for the upcoming year with a new profession or are simply looking to get ahead of the game, here are the top 5 hottest jobs in the tech industry.

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1. Software Developer

This job tops the list every year in tech—and for good reason. Software developers can have it all: a high salary, a low unemployment rate, great job satisfaction, and can often pick and choose what types of projects they work on. Whether your tastes range from fun gaming programs or the next best productivity app, there’s something out there for everyone, just waiting to be created. The upsurge in information mobility has resulted in an incredible increase in demand for software developers who know the language, making it a great time to have the skills and passion for development.

2. IT Security Analyst

With the sudden rise in cyber attacks over the past few years, people with the know-how for operating and maintaining security systems are in growing demand. If you have the skills to perform risk assessment, analyze security measures, and plan defenses to prevent any future security breaches, IT security might be the job for you. The recent skills gap in tech also means that security experts are highly sought after, meaning that there are plenty of competitive rates from companies who want you on their team.

3. Computer Support Specialist

The computer support specialist is typically what people think of when they picture an IT department. Performing troubleshooting support, teaching user functions, and evaluating network problems are all a part of the job—but there’s so much more to being a computer support specialist than just technical prowess, making it one of the most in-demand IT jobs there is. It takes a special kind of person to be able to communicate effectively when having to walk through a user error, making superior communication skills a sought after commodity in this profession. Having both technical skills and strong interpersonal abilities can go a long way in the world of IT, especially in the upcoming year as the skills gap grows.

4. Business Intelligence Analyst

For a larger company or corporation, a business intelligence analyst is one of the most crucial resources out there. A business intelligence analyst (or BI analyst) is responsible for managing all the data that is used and churned out by an organization— and in order to make the best, most informed decisions, a BI analyst needs to know how to properly work with this data to provide accurate predictions for the future.

5. Big Data Engineer

Big data engineering is a relatively new profession in the scheme of things, but their role is growing more important all the time in the business world. Becoming a big data engineer means a wide knowledge of analysis, warehousing, collection, and management of large amounts of data, making it a complex and rewarding job. As companies find it easier to collect and store a great deal of data, finding someone who knows how to handle it is an incredible asset in the modern business landscape.

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