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5 Information Technology Tools Your Business Can’t Survive Without

Posted by John Brandwagt

5_Information_Technology_Tools_Your_Business_Cant_Survive_Without.jpgIf you’re involved in the world of business, you know how important it is to keep up to date on new tech tools that could make your company run smoother, more efficiently, and more profitably. Advances in computer hardware and software have improved business capabilities in ways that couldn’t have been imagined 25 years ago—and will continue to improve looking into the not-so-distant future. Here are just five of these recent information technology tools that you should incorporate into your company to help improve the life of your business.



1. Cloud Computing

“The Cloud” has become a bit of a buzzword in business recently, with its offer to share resources and data on-demand. While the presentation of cloud computing as a magical cure-all might be a bit of an exaggeration, it can certainly make your daily tasks easier and more efficient—and oftentimes cheaper, too. Incorporating a cloud into your IT practices means you can focus on maximizing the usage of your shared resources, saving you and your team a lot of time and energy. 

2. Social Media

Social media is everywhere. Every corporation, brand, and mom-and-pop shop has at least a small presence on social media—for lots of good reasons. It allows for direct communication between you and your consumers, it increases your overall presence in the business world, and enables you to take control of what kind of image you’re presenting to the public. Using management systems like Hootsuite can even allow you to keep an eye on multiple social media accounts at once through one simple interface, making it easy for even a social media beginner to rise to success.

3. Online Conferencing Systems

With online conferencing systems, having to take lengthy, expensive business trips can be a thing of the past. When it’s not possible to meet with business partners or potential customers in person, having a well-supported web conferencing platform can be an excellent replacement. It’s important that you thoroughly research your options and find one that runs well for the project you need it for though; having a choppy connection can really put a damper on an important meeting.

4. Mobile Technology

If you’re participating in the modern business world, chances are that right now you’ve got a smartphone or tablet somewhere within arms reach. Having mobile technology incorporated into your business means that you’re no longer restricted to the typical 9-5 schedule— you can work remotely on pressing projects at any time and from anywhere (with a stable internet connection).  Investing in mobility tools for your business will allow you to maximize productivity and help your team to collaborate more effectively.

5. Enterprise Content Management

Being able to store and organize your business’s information properly is crucial to the success of your company. Enterprise content management—or ECM—is a way for your business to do just that. If you’ve been in business for a long time, you might have some of your older files still kept in paper folders and stored in a box somewhere taking up space. With ECM, all of your physical files can be captured, managed, stored, and preserved all through one easy organizational process. Hiring a skilled information technology technician can make this process even easier for you, and can change the life of your business’s stored information by making it more accessible and simpler to manage.

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