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5 Problems with Looking for an IT Job on Your Own

Posted by John Brandwagt

5_Problems_with_Looking_for_an_IT_Job_on_Your_OwnMany IT job seekers go at it alone. Once they’ve completed their education, they spend endless hours each day searching for great tech opportunities. They apply to jobs online and send out their resumes to no avail, which often leaves them with feelings of disappointment, frustration, and stress.

The fact is that if you look for an IT job on your own, you’re going to face some problems, and you might not know how to deal with them. Here are five of the most common problems that job seekers looking for employment in information technology face every day.

1. Not Going After the Right Jobs

With so many jobs available in information technology, it can be hard to narrow down your search to your best options: the ones you’re most qualified for, the ones that offer the best compensation, and the ones that offer the best future growth possibilities. Without proper guidance, you can freeze under the pressure. You might spend all of your time looking for positions that aren’t actually a good fit to your experience, skills, education, or interests. And that can really hurt your search and your future.

2. Inefficient Strategy

Job searching is actually tough. You need to take a strategic approach to get job offers. If you take the easy way out and simply apply to opportunities on job boards, email your generic resume to any company, and never follow up, you’re not going to be very effective because your strategy is inefficient. You’re wasting your time. You need to take charge of your future—not sit back and get disappointed that no one is replying with an invitation to an interview.

3. Poor Resume

When you’re looking for an information technology job on your own, you don’t have any advice or guidance to help you make a good impression with your resume. It might have spelling or grammar mistakes, it might be disorganized, or it might not highlight certain keywords that would give you an edge on your job search.

4. Difficulty Getting Noticed

If you do personalize your correspondence for every company, network at industry events, and do all of the right research to land the job and you still don’t get a call, it’s probably because you’re not standing out from the sea of other applicants. And when you’re fresh out of college without much on-the-job experience, it can be difficult to have hiring managers notice you when you look for an IT job on your own.

5. No Access to the Best Companies

As a tech lover, you probably know about all of the best tech companies and start-ups out there. You know where you want to work but you can’t seem to get your foot in the door, no matter how hard you try. This is a common problem with searching for an IT job on your own. When you don’t have the proper connections and relationships with people in the industry, you’ll face one closed door after another. It’s hard to get into those great companies.

Engage an IT Recruiting Firm

The easiest way to eliminate all of these five problems and give you the best chance of receiving an excellent job offer is to work with an IT recruiting firm. These agencies specialize in placing qualified IT professionals in great positions for various companies in myriad industries.

Recruiters can provide you with the guidance you need to increase the quality of your resume and understand which job you’d be best suited for. They’ll also help you get your resume noticed by hiring managers and they might even be able to get you into that great company you’ve been dying to work for. Recruiters have deep connections within the tech industry, and you can take advantage of those networks and their vast resources when you allow them to do the legwork and place you in a great IT job.
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