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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs an IT Recruiter

Posted by Simon Delisle

5_Reasons_Why_Your_Business_Needs_an_IT_RecruiterWith IT professionals in short demand across the country, it’s no surprise that competition to recruit top tech talent is fierce. You can try to handle the recruitment process on your own, but you might end up wasting your time and money on mediocre candidates who don’t come close to fitting the bill. If you’re not well versed in information technology, if you don’t know where to recruit, and if you have no idea who your ideal candidate is, you’re going to make recruiting mistakes and hire the wrong candidate.

Instead of risking it, you should work with an IT recruiter. Your IT recruiter will be able to find you top tech talent, quicker than you could on your own, while giving you an edge over your competition.

Here are just five of the many reasons your business needs an IT recruiter.

Reliable Expertise in Information Technology

Your IT recruiter will know the ins and outs of information technology, from the hiring trends, newest technological advances, the tiny differences in the wide variety of IT job titles. He’ll also know how to define and describe the position you need to fill in order to find the right candidate that matches the role. Plus, he will likely have a technical background that will enable him to properly weed out unqualified candidates and interview candidates more effectively, with the right questions, to make the hiring process easier and faster.

Sound Recruiting Practices

Recruiting practices require a mix of art and science. It requires proven and reliable screening and assessment tools and it requires knowledge of the market and trends in your location. Anyone can post a job ad, read resumes and perform interviews, but that doesn’t mean they’re doing it the right way—the way that sees consistent and successful results every time. An IT recruiter will not only have the necessary IT knowledge to find you the right candidates, but he’ll also have the right tools, processes, and knowledge to recruit them, too. 

Fill the Toughest Positions Easily

Some IT positions will be harder to fill than others because they’re in hot demand. When everyone is looking for the same top talent, there’s a slim chance that you’ll be the one reeling in the best candidates on your own. Your IT recruiter will have no trouble finding you candidates for any role in the IT field, even the toughest-to-fill positions.

Keep up with the Competition

Regardless of your organization’s size, there will always be a competitor out there that has more resources and funds to allocate to recruiting. When you use an IT recruiter, you can get on an even playing field with these competitors because you’ll have access to all of the best resources to find and hire top talent. Plus, your recruiter will already have relationships with a big pool of qualified candidates, so you’ll have an edge.

Save Time and Money

To recruit IT professionals on your own, you’ll first need to grasp what information technology is all about and what you need from your new employee. Then, you’ll need to find the time to create a job posting, research the best recruitment strategies for IT, and employ these strategies. Next, you’ll have to sift through resumes and perform interviews.

This work will inevitably distract you from your core business activities, which will cost you considerably in wasted time. Plus, if you hire the wrong candidate because all of your choices were mediocre at best, you’ll have to restart at the beginning when your new hire doesn’t cut it. And as you know, a high turnover rate is expensive.

When you use a recruiter instead, you won’t get distracted from your usual activities and you’ll be sure to get positive results the first time around.

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