30 May

5 Specific IT Skills recruiters look for in 2018

Posted by John Brandwagt

Employers looking to hire top IT talent know exactly how stiff the competition is to get skilled candidates for different types of IT jobs. When you’re looking to make your next IT hire, assess the candidates on these 5 skills that are definitely in demand in IT sector in Canada:

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1. Applied Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has advanced leaps and bounds recently. As AI becomes more commonplace in today’s businesses, the demand for those with the skills to both make AI operational and to continue improving it has skyrocketed.

IT recruiters in Canada will want to keep an eye out for those who have applied machine learning and AI experience. While research and development is important, you’ll likely be interested in hiring someone who can program and update your chatbot. Many things are different in practice, so having skills in the practical application of AI in a business will go a long way.

2. Mobile App Development

There are about 2.5 billion smartphone users the world over. Mobile shopping and the use of apps are rising year over year, indicating people are doing more with smartphones. As more people gain access to smartphones, mobile app development jobs also continue to rise.

Virtually every business leader in every industry has now recognized the importance of this shift to mobile. As a result, there’s more focus on mobile development. This IT job has migrated across any number of businesses and industries.

IT recruiters should look for those who have practical experience in mobile development. Mobile developers should be fluent in many programming languages, and they should also have experience with UX/UI design.

3. UX/UI Design

Design is an important consideration in almost any business, and IT is no exception to the rule. User interfaces and user experiences are two related, but separate, design areas. Business leaders in IT and outside of the industry are increasingly focused on them.

Every time you visit a website or use an app, you’re encountering UI. If the interface is well-designed, you’ll find it easy to navigate the website or use the app. A poor interface can make it difficult or frustrating to use an app or find your way around.

UI affects user experience, but UX design goes further. It encompasses the user’s experience. That includes not only their interactions with the website or app interface but also the speed of their transactions, the range of services they’re offered, communication, and more. UI and UX developers curate web and app experience for visitors so that they are converted into customers in the least time and effort possible.

4. Cross-Team Functionality and Communication

Those in information technology recruiting sometimes overlook the importance of soft skills.

Good communication will benefit all IT teams. Cross-team functionality is another important skill to keep an eye out for. Today’s IT professionals need to be equipped to work in agile environments, which often means they need to understand and be prepared to complete aspects of other jobs. A mobile developer needs to know about UX/UI and programming, which could make them cross-functional team players.

5. Cybersecurity

Another cross-functional skill everyone in information technology recruiting should be on the lookout for is cybersecurity skills and experience. In a world where security concerns take priority, you want every member of your team to take cybersecurity seriously. Whether it’s the mobile team building security into your next app or database managers keeping your data safe at the back-end, having cybersecurity experts on your team helps protect your business and your clients.

IT skills are constantly evolving and professionals are expected to be up-to-date with them. These skills are likely to be in demand in 2018 and further into 2019 also, which makes them all the more important for information technology recruiting.

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