20 May

5 Things You Need to Know about Cyber Security

Posted by John Brandwagt

Cyber security is one of information technology’s most popular phrases these days, with massive data breaches and hacking scandals coming to light more and more often. Businesses are at risk now more than ever, and it pays to stay informed about what’s going on in the world of cyber security.

From education to investment, here are some of the most important things that you need to know about cyber security, and how you can use it best to your advantage.

1. Phishing Is On the Rise

Phishing has been around for almost as long as the Internet itself, but that doesn’t mean that it’s any less of a threat. In fact, with an increased number of users, phishing has become a major player in the threat against IT security. Phishing takes aim at your private information, with the objective of taking over your identity and access confidential files. With so much data being stored digitally these days, the implications that a phishing attack can have on a business are astronomical. Not only does this mean that the business’s information is at risk, but also any customer information as well—creating a chain of events that can result in a major scandal.

2. User Education Is Critical

For most businesses, it’s almost impossible to hire a team that is completely technologically fluent. Most tech users have no idea how IT security works, and therefore won’t recognize the risks of not staying informed on the latest malware and security measures. Taking a number of diverse tactics to educate and inform users on what lengths need to be taken to ensure the safeguarding of company data is a growing concern for most business owners. Regular communication and providing information sessions to non-IT employees is a slow but positive change in IT security trends, which your business should take advantage of.

3. Security Is an Investment

Unfortunately, many business owners aren’t buying into the idea that IT security is a necessary investment for their company. While mass media coverage of some of the larger data breaches have certainly resulted in a hysteria surrounding cyber security, the hysteria is increasingly becoming justified. Businesses are now seeing breaches that average almost $4 million, making the implementation of security measures before a breach happens critical for IT leaders.

4. There’s a Skills Shortage

One of your business’s biggest threats to cyber security isn’t some new malware or bug—it’s the lack of skilled security experts on the market today. Information security is rapidly growing to be one of the biggest industries in IT, but the demand for talent has officially exceeded the supply.

One way that business owners are bypassing this hurdle is training their existing IT professionals who have an interest in learning about tech security. It could also pay to look into a reputable recruitment firm to find a dedicated employee to protect your business.

5. The Balance of Third Party Partnerships

As the IT security industry continues to expand, the number of companies that outsource their security services is both growing in number and in quality. While some companies are choosing to outsource all of their security solutions externally, more business owners are finding a balance between internal and external resources. A system that ensures that architectural and solution design skills remain in-house while execution skills like penetration testing and security solution implementation are outsourced to third-parties could be the most successful balance for your cyber security needs.

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