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5 Tips for Using IT Recruiters to Ensure Quality Hires

Posted by Simon Delisle

5_Tips_for_Using_IT_Recruiters_to_Ensure_Quality_HiresInformation technology is a fast-paced, technical, specialized and ever-changing industry. As a business owner, you are hard pressed to find someone who is qualified to build, maintain, and support your systems, technologies, and networks. Most companies do not believe they have the necessary IT skills in house to succeed. However, a supply-demand imbalance has caused a talent war. It can be difficult to recruit and attract the IT talent you need. As a result, many companies are now turning to third-party IT recruiters to fill these critical information technology positions.

IT recruiters can ensure that you get quality hires who can keep up with tech advancements in order to allow your company to succeed now and into the future. These employment matchmakers can be highly valuable. They can make your recruitment process more efficient and focused and find you the best talent on the market. Use these five tips to maximize the results you’ll receive from using the services of IT recruiters.

1. Reputation Is Important

The IT recruiters you choose will be representing your company. They’ll be connecting and networking with job seekers. You do not want recruiters who are rude, abrasive, or known for poor or unethical business practices representing your brand. This will look poorly on your company and make it difficult for you to attract top tech talent. To ensure your IT recruiters aren’t doing more harm than good, make sure you ask around for recommendations and read reviews before you choose to work with any one recruiter.

2. Make Sure Your Recruiter Is Tech Savvy

Of course, you want your IT recruiter to be tech savvy. You want to work with a recruitment specialist that keeps up to date on the latest technology, roles, trends, challenges, and opportunities in the industry. Anyone can boast to specialize in information technology recruitment, so it’s up to you to ensure that the person or firm you hire actually has the knowledge and expertise that you’re looking for. If not, candidates, especially those who are being contacted for roles they aren’t qualified for, will have a lower opinion on your company.

3. Provide a Full Job Description

IT professionals, especially in the younger generation, care more about the totality of the experience they’ll get from job opportunities. Choosing a job is more than just about the pay cheque. It’s also about the perks and benefits they’ll receive. Because tech talent is in such high demand, you need to provide your IT recruiters will a full job description—one that includes how the position will satisfy a candidate’s personal values and interests and the experience they’ll receive while working for your company. Make sure to provide your recruiters with the type of information candidates care about, beyond the typical, simple job description. If you provide a chance for a flexible work schedule, the latest gadgets, and innovation, let your recruiters know.

4. Build a Relationship and Excel at Communication

You’ll get the most out of the IT recruitment services you receive if you take the time and effort to build a strong, personal relationship with your recruiters. Keep your lines of communication open. Be honest and genuine. Provide them with the information they need to find the right talent for your unique business environment and keep them up to date on changes to your hiring needs as they arise. The stronger your relationship and the better you communicate, the more you can ensure quality hires.

5. Get Your Requirements in Writing

To ensure you’re getting everything you need from your IT recruiters, get your requirements in writing. These may include the schedule or duration of the search criteria, what the firm provides in terms of background checks and screening, who is responsible for contacting candidates and scheduling interviews, and whether or not there is a satisfaction guarantee. A written contract detailing your requirements will protect you and ensure quality hires.

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