22 May

Tips to Sharpen Your Information Technology Skills in 2018

Posted by Simon Delisle

IT professionals need to be constantly sharpening the various types of information technology skills in order to stay relevant in the IT sector and stay competitive in the job market. Be it an IT technician or an IT project manager, if you’re not updating your skills to match the latest technologies, you’re going to fall behind. IT professionals are required to have an up-to-date skill set and adapt to the ever-changing demands of tech.

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Make use of these five tips to stay ahead of the curve and be the sought-after candidate for the best paying IT jobs:

1. Take on Personal Tech Projects

If you feel like you’re not learning enough at your job, always doing the same tasks repeatedly, there’s no reason why you can’t learn at home. Taking on tech projects in the IT sector can be incredibly useful in helping you refine your skills.

Are you looking for a web development job? First create your own website to learn practical skills like CSS, HTML, RSS, MySQL, and PHP. Not only this helps you hone your skills, it leaves a great impression on IT recruiters too.

If you are interested in exploring mobile app development sector, a great way would be to learn about various information technology tools and APIs that go behind making an amazing app.

2. Get Certified

Specialized certifications are the in-thing in the world of information technology. They are regularly updated – hence IT recruiters constantly assess potential candidates’ knowledge on these certifications. Online tutorials are easily accessible, timelier than books, and typically free. You can follow along by performing the same tasks and you can benefit from user comments that might provide additional tips too. Here is a list of the most in-demand IT certifications in Canada today.

3. Network in the Tech World

Networking is as much a social skill as a coding skill in the world of information technology. Hanging out with your peers in IT can provide you with a wealth of knowledge and help you refine your skills. Be active on online communities, follow the though leaders in IT industry and share your opinions on IT developments too. Here is a great online community connecting the who’s who of IT world.

4. Read Technical Books and Blogs

Fan of the written word? Get a book on your favourite topic in IT and carry it along that next flight. To become better rounded, you should take some time each day to read about technology. You can even subscribe to credible blogs reporting on IT such as Mashable. They are a great way to stay updated on all the happenings in IT.

5. Search for Emerging Trends in Information Technology

Take the case of Artificial Reality – it has progressed from just being a tool to design video games, to actually design architectural marvels in real world.

Apart from reading on what is happening on your sector of information technology, develop a habit of searching for emerging trends across industries and services. The various types of IT jobs are often interlinked to each other, and recruiters ask all types of interview question to assess the candidate’s knowledge not only of his own job responsibility, but also his overall business acumen.

When you have a reason to learn and focus on a practical application, you’ll be able to accelerate your learning.

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