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6 Facts and Stats about Chatbots

Posted by John Brandwagt

As artificial intelligence improves, people search for new applications. What will AI be able to do in the future? 


The last few years have witnessed some amazing achievements for AI. One of the most common ways it’s currently being adopted into businesses is through the use of chatbots. 

Here are a few things you may not know about chatbots:

1. People Turn to Them for Quick Answers

What’s the most popular use for a chatbot? Most people say they see chatbots as a good way to get quick answers. Since chatbots can be online 24/7 in a way most human beings can’t, people see them as an effective way of getting answers when offices are closed and a customer service representative is unavailable. 

Chatbots also provide consistent answers, which can save some trouble. Switching between two or three different agents can sometimes cause issues, but the chatbot will provide greater consistency for users.

2. Most People Are Open to Them

Some people are resistant to the idea of interacting with bots, but most studies indicate a majority are open to the idea of interacting with them. In fact, one study found 63 percent of people would consider interacting with a chatbot

Of course, there are times when people may be less open to the idea. Most people are less likely to want to talk to a machine about a complicated issue.

3. There Are More Than 30,000 Chatbots on Facebook Alone

Just how many chatbots are there in the world? It’s difficult to get a handle on the sheer number. As AI improves, you’ll see even more of them.

One way to get insight into how commonplace chatbots are becoming is to look at the world’s largest social media platform, Facebook. As of September 2017, there were 30,000 chatbots on Facebook alone. While that’s just a fraction of Facebook’s user base, it’s still an impressive number for a technology that was virtually unknown a few years ago.

4. People Prefer Live Chat

One of the biggest questions companies have is about how their clients want to get in touch with them. Most business leaders recognize the fact that consumers and clients no longer read emails. In fact, most people are more likely to respond to a text.

It turns out that when people want to get in touch with your company, they prefer live chat over every other method. It makes sense. Chat is instantaneous, but you don’t need to wait on hold. In fact, chatbots can get started chatting with you right now.

5. They Want Problem-Solvers

Do people prefer chatbots with personality, or do they just want the facts? It turns out people prefer their chatbots to be problem-solvers, not comedians. So far, chatbots are viewed in a utilitarian way. People aren’t coming to them for entertainment. Instead, they turn to chatbots when they need answers.

You may want to think twice about programming your chatbot with sarcastic responses like Apple’s Siri.

6. An Area of Continuing Growth

The uptake of chatbots has been nothing short of staggering, but the growth projections for the technology seem even more remarkable.

By 2020, more than 80 percent of businesses are expected to have a chatbot. The market is expected to grow at a compounded rate of around 25 percent for the next few years, reaching a value of more than $1 billion by 2025.

Most people believe chatbots are here to stay, and the numbers seem to agree. Think about how they could benefit your business, and which IT professionals you need to hire to adopt this technology.

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