29 Sep

6 Must-Have IT Specialists in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Posted by John Brandwagt

If it seems like IT is deeply embedded in every industry these days, it’s because it is. Almost every industry has become more reliant on IT; as technology has improved, industries have discovered just how vital it is in business. 

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It’s led to something of an IT skills shortage, especially when it comes to IT specialists. As every industry competes for a limited pool of professionals with specific skills, it may seem like there are too many jobs and not enough candidates. 

The situation may leave those in the pharmaceutical industry wondering which specialists they truly need. If you’re involved in pharmaceuticals, you need to get these people on board.

1. Business Analyst

Business analysis has been trending as an IT skill in various industries. The pharmaceutical industry is no different than any other business in its need to analyze and rationalize its operations. 

Many pharmaceutical companies are enormous entities with many divisions and branches, almost all of them doing something different. Business analysis becomes more integral in this situation; each department or division needs to be analyzed against the whole.

2. Programmers

Some companies within the pharmaceutical industry are customer-facing; others provide support to professionals, including doctors, nurses, hospital staff, pharmacists, and other medical practitioners. 

Whether you’re developing a new mobile app for end customers, creating specialized software for use in your local doctor’s office, or creating a company-wide interface, virtually every pharmaceutical company has a need for IT specialists in the programming arena.

3. Cybersecurity Specialists

One type of IT specialist that’s never going to go out of style is the cybersecurity specialist. As technology evolves, so too does the need for security. These IT specialists keep systems and people alike safe, protecting sensitive data and business operations from those who mean harm.

The pharmaceutical industry, closely linked to the medical field, has a particular need for IT specialists with a background in cybersecurity. While the industry collects less patient data than other medical areas, it still has an enormous database of sensitive information—information people want protected.

There’s also concern about trade secrets and patents in the industry; cybersecurity is a major part of keeping this information secure as well.

4. Database Administrators and Analysts

Alongside needing to keep information safe, the pharmaceutical industry also needs to deal with the sheer volume of data it has. Much like a number of other industries, big data has invaded pharmaceuticals, and companies are struggling to keep their data “lakes” from becoming data “swamps.”

Enter specialists to administer and analyze these enormous databases. Since pharmaceutical companies are both large and often have storied histories, there are decades of data to be administered, on top of new information being collected. Just one company’s R&D department has plenty of data to deal with!

5. Mobile and Enterprise Developers

Most pharmaceutical companies are using a complex mix of both enterprise infrastructure and mobile. The R&D department might be mostly using enterprise applications, while the sales team might need to go mobile as they travel to various conferences, hospitals, doctors’ offices, and pharmacies.

As a result, the industry has a pronounced need for IT specialists in both the mobile and enterprise arenas.

6. Network Administrators

Compared to other industries, players in the pharmaceutical industry have historically spent a larger portion of their IT budgets on networks and infrastructure. As a result, they demand more network administrators to help them manage those large and sophisticated networks, and to keep everything running smoothly.

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