18 Apr

6 Reasons Spring Is a Great Time to Kick off Your Job Search

Posted by John Brandwagt

Spring has finally sprung. As the snow melts, you may be thinking about getting a fresh start yourself. If you’ve been daydreaming about landing a new job, spring is the perfect time to consider kicking off your job search. Why? Here are just a few of the great reasons.

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1. It’s Peak Hiring Season

Canadian businesses tend to hire in cycles. Summer is slower while winter can also be a quiet time. Fall is usually considered one of the biggest hiring seasons, but spring is often busier for hiring managers and candidates alike. 

Why is spring such a busy time? The nice weather and longer hours of sunlight in the northern hemisphere usually result in a flurry of activity. The same is true in business. In addition, seasonal businesses such as construction and tourism begin readying themselves for the summer months when they’ll be busy. 

Most hiring managers try to get new employees in place early on so they’re trained by the time summer rolls around. Vacations and holidays can complicate hiring and training, which means people hire more frequently in the spring.

2. Everyone Else Is Moving

Another reason to kick off a job search in the spring? Many other people are thinking exactly the same way you are. 

While you may think that will result in more competition, keep in mind it also means other positions will be opening up. The people who are one step up on the ladder are also thinking about getting a promotion or leaving their current companies for better offers elsewhere. 

While there may be increased competition, increased movement in general means the job market is rich and there are many more opportunities to pursue.

3. You’re Motivated

The longer hours of sunlight and the nice weather do tend to put people in an overall better mood. You may find you have more energy and motivation now that spring has rolled around. If you’re feeling energetic, why not kick off a job search?

Spring is a season of fresh starts. You may also be motivated to do a little “house-keeping,” such as dusting off your resume. You may find yourself distracted when the summer weather arrives or busy with plans. You don’t really want to put your job hunt off until September either, so spring is the ideal time to start the search.

4. Contract Positions Open Up

You’re probably not looking for an internship at this stage in your career, but would a contract assignment help you make that career switch you’ve been wanting to make? Starting your job search in the spring can help you find these sorts of opportunities.

Many companies will hire seasonally for spring and summer contract assignments. Many need coverage during the summer while others are away on vacation. If you’re lacking the experience you need to get the full-time, permanent position in the area you want, this could be your chance.

5. The Economy Grows

Spring is usually a good season for economic growth. Following the business cycle, most businesses experience an upward swing as spring arrives. There may be more orders to fill. Funding may be released for new projects as the new fiscal year dawns and budgets are finalized.

The result is usually economic and job growth in the spring months. This means more opportunity for you as you seek out your next IT role.

6. Why Wait?

If you want to land a new job or switch careers, there’s no time like the present. Get started today.

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