13 Nov

[Video] 6 Top IT Skills for In-Demand Jobs in Canada

Posted by John Brandwagt

The job market for IT professionals is only going to continue heating up. Canada’s economy is expanding, adding more jobs than even experts have predicted. On top of that, many employers are now discovering their need for qualified IT professionals, even in industries IT isn’t traditionally a factor in. 

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This has led to something of a skills shortage. There are many in-demand jobs in Canada right now for IT. If you’re hoping to land one, develop these six IT skills.

1. Mobile App Development

Mobile app developers are in high demand right now. There’s been a boom in the number of businesses creating apps, either for internal employee use or for customer use. Think of banks: Most of the major Canadian banks now have customer-facing apps for banking services. These companies aren’t traditionally involved in app development, but they have a need for developers. 

Mobile app development is different from software development, so it requires a different set of skills. Consider the use of animation and the importance of user interface design when it comes to an app. Apps also use other backend coding, including pre-writ functionality. Familiarity with these aspects will help you land a job.

2. DevOps Skills

Software development is still big on most employers’ lists of in-demand IT jobs. Development and operations have become more entwined in the last few years, as more companies look to rationalize their teams with more agile approaches. DevOps is one of the results. 

Developers should be skilled in both development and deployment. They should be familiar with the tenets of the agile mindset. They should also use tools like framesets designed to make their lives easier.

3. Security Skills

As IT departments continue to expand, getting both larger and more robust, there’s an increased need for security. Hacks like the recent Equifax scandal only put more emphasis on just how careful businesses need to be when it comes to protecting their IT systems and their data.

Security specialists are in high demand as a result. Hone your security skills to land a job with a company in almost any industry. The banking industry is one clear candidate, but other businesses are also aware of just how much they need to step up their security game.

4. Data Analysis

Although the term “big data” is going away, the idea is still embedded in almost every business in operation today. There is more data than ever before available to businesses. More and more, they intend to harness the power of data to inform decision making at every level.

To make these informed decisions, however, they need skilled data analysts. If you have an eye for spotting trends and critical thinking skills, data analysis might be the field you choose to work in. As more businesses harness and rationalize their data, their collection, and their analysis, you can expect this to remain one of the more in-demand jobs in Canada.

5. Business Analysis

You may not think of “business analyst” as an IT job, never mind one of the most in-demand jobs in Canada.

It makes perfect sense, however. Today’s businesses are driven by technology more than ever. Business decisions are based on sophisticated analysis of data. Technology not only informs a company’s operations, but it can inform and analyze virtually everything it does. It’s little wonder business analysis has become an increasingly IT-related skill.

6. Web Development

Despite mobile apps being the way of the future, the traditional website isn’t going anywhere. Businesses still need an online presence.

Today’s websites, however, are more dynamic and eye-catching than ever before. Web developers have a unique set of skills. The need and demand for specialized skills make this one of the most in-demand jobs in Canada today.

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