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Access Hidden Talent with a Recruiting Agency

Posted by Simon Delisle

With unemployment at a 41-year low in Canada, it’s tougher than ever for hiring managers. Those in the IT industry were already dealing with a skills shortage. Coupled with low unemployment, the hiring situation in the IT industry has shifted to favour the job seeker.

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As a result, hiring managers are looking for new ways to find the talent they need to staff their companies. Many are well aware there are talented IT professionals out there. Those professionals may not be visible to you, however, because they’re not applying to your jobs.

How can you access this hidden talent? A recruiting agency can help.

Hidden Talent Exists

Not every skilled IT professional is searching for a job, especially at the exact moment you’re looking for a new hire. Those who are looking may not apply to your posting. That’s if they even see your job description in the first place. Some people may not apply because the position isn’t on their radar.

How can you find and access this hidden talent? There are several different ways, and a recruiting agency knows all of them.

A Wider Net

The first mistake you may be making is casting your hiring net too narrow. Where are you posting your jobs? If you say LinkedIn and your own corporate website, you need to make a change. Your net is too narrow, which is why you’re not finding the talented candidates you know exist.

A recruiting agency has much better access to a variety of different channels. Recruiters may encourage you to post on your own website and advertise the job on LinkedIn, but they also have access to a number of more specialized channels for getting your job posting in front of the right people.

One of those networks is their own extended network of contacts. Former job seekers, industry connections, and even educational institutions are woven into the recruiter’s expanded network of contacts.

Your job posting is going to end up in more places and in front of more people.

Passive Job Seekers

The other major route for accessing hidden talent in the IT industry is through passive job seekers. These people aren’t actively looking for a new job but they wouldn’t necessarily be opposed to switching roles if the right opportunity came along.

A recruiting agency has a much better chance of locating and getting in touch with these people. The agency can reach out to them. Since they’re not actively looking for a job, they may never see your ad. The recruiter’s direct message can get their attention where your job posting may not.

Sorting through the Applications

Another task the recruiting agency can help you with is sorting applications and pre-screening candidates. Getting more people looking at your job posting could be a good thing. It could also mean you receive more applications from unqualified candidates.

Recruiting agencies are aware of this issue, so they work with you to reduce the number of applications you review. You’ll get more qualified candidates from a larger pool of applicants, in addition to spending less time reviewing and interviewing candidates. Better yet, you’ll have a better chance of hiring the right person each and every time.

How’s that for a win-win situation? Not only are you getting your ideal candidate, you’re also speeding up the recruitment and hiring process. In turn, you’ll boost productivity by having the right people on board when you need them. You’ll also be able to turn your attention to the other tasks on your desk.

If you don’t already work with a recruiting agency, now’s the time to get in touch and begin a partnership. In this market, you’re going to need reliable and trustworthy partners to help you find the right people every time.

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