18 Dec

Why Android First Development Makes Sense in 2019? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted by John Brandwagt

At the start of the year 2018, we did a piece on why mobile app development will be a job to watch out for. As we near the end of this year, our salary guide survey - with updated salaries for IT jobs across Canada has corroborated the fact that app development is a hot job for 2019 as well.


Time spent on mobile apps exceeded 50% for the first time ever in 2017. As per a Gartner survey, demand for enterprise app will outstrip existing development capacity by five to one. All this signals one thing - there is more need to develop apps than there are app developers out there.

What to focus on: Android First or iOS?

This got us thinking as to what parameters will drive the skill-set in demand for app developers. Since industry demand is a solid regulator in assessing the demand factor for a particular skill, we got in touch with an expert on app development.

Ben Lee is the founder of Rootstrap - a company which has made apps for Fortune 100 companies. An expert in app development sector, he writes on all matters tech with special focus on how to go about app development. He has provided us an infographic on why Android first development makes sense:


Infographic - How To Make an App in 10 Days





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