16 May

High Paying Tech Jobs To Watch out in 2018

Posted by Simon Delisle

The tech industry is one of the Canadian economy’s bright spots. With an ongoing talent shortage and rapidly expanding technologies, businesses are trying to keep pace.

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As a result, many of Canada’s best and most in-demand jobs for 2018 are actually technology sector jobs. Here are a few to keep your eye on this year.

Business Analysts

While a knowledge of analytics and reporting plays a huge role in all the different types of IT jobs out there, business analysts in IT sector is becoming one of the most sought after IT job role.

Since more companies are looking to hire business analysts to help them manage their data and drive better business decisions, competition for these professionals is fierce. The result is competitive salaries and benefits packages. So the next time you think of getting your dream job in information technology in Canada, don’t forget to add analytical skills to your resume.

Project Manager

Organizations structure their workforce basis the projects they are currently working upon, thus making the job profile of a project manager an integral one to the success of the company. Experienced project managers, with a good hold on technology as well as personnel management, are need of the hour as businesses begin leveraging new technologies.

Project Manager: The best tech job in Canada in 2018

Project managers command higher wages because of their specialized skill set and experience. Their responsibilities put them on a pathway to higher-level positions as well, so upward mobility also exists for this job. Finally, competition for the most talented managers results in competitive compensation packages, including more benefits and on of the highest salaries in IT sector.

Project manager can also be a desirable position because it often operates as a contract position. At the end of the contract, you can move on to another project with another company, expanding and broadening your skills and experience across various types of information technology profiles.

Web Developer

Web developers are still very much in demand in Canada. Especially with the shift to mobile and the need of having responsive websites, web developers – with some knowledge of mobile optimized websites are important for almost every business.

Web developers do more than create user interfaces. They also design website experiences, which help develop a company’s brand profile and create points of interaction with visitors, help convert them into customers, and also assist job seekers in finding the role they wish to be employed for.

Machine Learning Engineers

The merging field of machine learning is finally starting to go mainstream. The government’s Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy puts some federal funds towards supporting this emerging field. Montreal, Canada, has become a global hotspot for AI and machine learning research.

Machine learning skills are currently scarce, which further drives demand and competition for talented professionals. As a result, machine learning engineering is a growing field with high pay and plenty of rewards for those involved.

Software Engineer

Something of a staple among tech jobs, the software engineer is consistently ranked as one of the best jobs in the tech industry. A solid knowledge of various programming languages is part and parcel of the software engineer’s skill set.

Apps and computer programs aren’t going anywhere. There are more of them than ever before as the Internet of Things continues to expand.

These are just a few of the best tech jobs available in the Canadian tech industry in 2018. There are many more, and one of them may be just right for you.

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