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How to Land a Job in IT Service Management?

Posted by Simon Delisle

Information technology is a wide and varied field, encompassing different types of jobs dealing with different sectors of the industry. If you have a knack for management, enjoy organization, and want to find innovative and strategic ways of improving the way companies use information technologies, then a job in IT service management could be ideal for you.

What is IT Service management?

IT service management (ITSM) is a strategic and structured approach to managing the entirety of activities that are performed under the IT umbrella at an organization.

It involves ensuring that the right technology, professionals, processes, and procedures are in place to meet a business’s goals. It’s about ensuring quality while planning, delivering, operating, and controlling information technology services.

Don’t confuse ITSM with IT support. It’s about more than just tech. The professionals who excel in IT service management are also business focused, organized, and know how to properly manage people and processes while always being innovative enough to think outside of the box for continual improvement.

If this sounds like a great career choice for you, here are some tips on how to find a job in ITSM.

Do You Have What It Takes?

Typically, a job in IT service management will require years of IT experience as well as technical aptitude, including knowledge of storage, networking, Unix/Linux, IT security, databases, intranet infrastructure, messaging, and application support. It might also require experience with process flow analysis and corporate cultural analysis, methodology development, change management practices, and problem management. Most companies are looking for a Bachelor’s degree or higher.

If you’re looking at being hired at a particular company, consider asking its hiring manager for a list of necessary qualifications. You may need to take some additional courses and get some more certificates to qualify for a job in IT service management. 

Use LinkedIn - Assess the Job Market

If you already have the managerial and IT experience you need, LinkedIn’s advance search option is ideal when you have a specific type of employment opportunity in mind. You can filter and refine your search criteria so you’re only looking at jobs that exactly match what you’re looking for. LinkedIn is also a great platform for connecting and keeping in touch with hiring managers at tech companies and other types of organizations that might be hiring for this position. It’s also the place to keep up to date with tech news and your favourite companies.

Get into the Tech World

The tech world is huge. There are hundreds of websites and forums dedicated to subjects like IT service management. This would be a great start to chat with like-minded people who might know of job opportunities or just have helpful advice for your job search or this specific field that could be beneficial to you. There are also tech-specific conferences and networking events that you should try to make an appearance at in order to mingle with company owners, hiring managers, and other influential professionals. Networking is the best way to land your dream job.

Sign Up for Tech Job Boards

Because information technology is such a vast field, there are many job boards specifically designed to cater to job seekers looking for employment in IT. This could be a great place for you to look for opportunities in IT service management—a specialized market such as a tech job board will give you better results than the generic websites like Indeed and Workopolis. Consider checking out sites like Dice and TechCareers in particular.

Apply to an IT Staffing Agency

A great way to get a service management job, or any job in information technology, is to apply to an IT staffing firm. Many of the leading tech companies and organizations in just about every job sector looking for IT professionals work exclusively with specialized IT recruitment firms to find talent. This is a great way for you to find a great IT career.

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