6 Apr

How an IT Staffing Recruiter Can Help You Stay Competitive

Posted by John Brandwagt

The Canadian economy has been booming and IT is one of the hottest sectors. Even before 2017 became a record year for employment in Canada, there was growing concern about a shortage of IT talent.

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As technology continues to grow and evolve, more companies across all sectors are realizing their need to adopt IT solutions no one had even dreamed about ten years ago. Today, self-driving vehicles, artificial intelligence, chatbots, and augmented realities are taking businesses by storm.

Whether you’re in the IT industry or not, you’re probably wondering how to stay on top of your IT needs in such a rapidly changing environment. An IT staffing recruiter could be the answer.

The Origins of the Shortage

The drastic change in technology over the last few years has increased the demand for talented and skilled IT professionals in many areas, including emerging areas like AR and AI. Since some areas are so new, there aren’t many skilled professionals to choose from.

Increasing demand across all industries makes the situation worse. The talented people are hired quickly. The shallow talent pool gets shallower. Companies with distinctive hiring practices, good reputations, and excellent corporate cultures can make candidates better offers.

If you’re not in a position where you can offer best-in-class benefits, a top-tier salary, or even an innovative and exciting company culture, you could be struggling to find the right talent for your business. Even when you’re hiring, you may know you’re not necessarily getting the best talent. Your top picks often choose to work for other companies.

How Talent Affects Your Operations

Some hiring managers imagine it’s better to have somebody in a position rather than leaving it empty. In some cases, it’s true, but a poor hire is sometimes worse than a vacant role in the workplace.

Talented employees are the core of your operations. They keep things running smoothly. Happy, engaged employees are more productive, which in turn boosts the business’ productivity. As you become more productive, your bottom line improves as well.

Employees impact your ability to keep up with demand. If you have unhappy employees who are disengaged, you’re unlikely to keep up. Employees who don’t have the required skills also may not be able to keep up with demand. In turn, your productivity suffers and your competition takes over the #1 spot, leaving you in the dust.

Finding the Right People

As the above scenarios indicate, it’s important to hire the right people. You already knew that, but the increasing competition for talent and market share only drive the point home. The question now is,“How do you find the right people?”

Enter the IT staffing recruiter. While you believe you’ve left no stone unturned on your search for the most talented job candidates, the IT staffing recruiter can show you a few hidden nooks and crannies you may have overlooked.

They’ll also use tools to help you sort through applications and get better hiring results.

Another question you might ask yourself is how you’re identifying the “right” candidates. You could be overlooking some of the best, most talented people who apply.

Getting the Right People

The IT staffing recruiter also helps you get the right people, first by finding them, then by screening them, and finally by helping you bring them on board in your organization. Whether you’re hiring temp-to-permanent, contract, or full-time permanent, the IT staffing recruiter can lend a hand.

In such a competitive job market, hiring managers could benefit from working with an IT recruitment firm. Talk to an IT recruiter today and discover what they can do for you and your business.

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