28 May

How IT recruiters help you find the best candidate

Posted by John Brandwagt

With different types if information technology job opportunities opening up in Canada, hiring managers are struggling to find the best match. The issue of shortage of skilled IT experts in Canada has been compounded with the nation’s record 40-year low unemployment rates. If there ever was a candidate-driven market, this is it.

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Facing such shortage at a time of boom in IT jobs in Canada, hiring managers are scrambling to find the right people to fill positions – often resulting in bringing in talent that does not match the expectations.

You already know that’s a bad approach to hiring, but what else can you do? There’s an easier solution: Get help from IT recruiters.

IT Recruiters: Know the industry, Know the talent

One of the challenges for hiring managers working in the IT industry right now is knowing what you need. Different companies use different job titles describing IT skills required by them – sometimes to describe the same jobs. In addition, since technology moves quickly, job titles and responsibilities are almost constantly in flux. New jobs in IT are being created on a daily basis in Canada, rendering old job roles obsolete.

That is where having an expert IT recruiter can come to your rescue. As a hiring manager, your expertise lies in the realm of human resources, not necessarily in differentiating the different approaches to software development. If your team is looking for someone with experience working in an agile workflow, you need to know what they mean in order to get them the best match.

IT recruiters – with years of experience in understanding the IT industry and the constantly evolving skills – can be of real help in scouring through tons of resumes and shortlist the candidates that prove to be the best match for your company in that particular job role.

Talk the Talk

IT recruiters are familiar with the terminology in the IT industry. They’re also able to keep better tabs on the terminology currently in use and the shifting demands from employers. Since they see so many job postings, they can tell you which skills are in demand and which job titles are being used. They may even be able to tell you about employer hiring trends.

Different types of jobs in IT require different job descriptions – customized to the industry and geography. An IT Technician in Canada may be expected to have different skill set than one in USA.

They can then use their in-depth knowledge of IT industry knowledge to help you craft in-demand job titles and job descriptions. If you want to attract the right candidates, you’re going to have to ask for the right things. Asking for people with experience in software development may get you a number of applicants, but they may be DevOps specialists when you need agile experts.

Shorten your Hiring Cycle

IT recruiters can also use their knowledge to help you pre-screen and screen the candidates who apply to your job posting. Many candidates use a “quantity over quality” method when it comes to applying to jobs. They’ll apply to almost any job posting, even if they’re not well-qualified. Since it’s quick and easy to apply these days, they don’t see any harm in taking a gamble.

For a single job posting, you can end up with a high number of applications on your desk. IT recruiters help you sift through only the relevant skills, thereby considerably shortening your hiring cycle.

Find a cultural fit

IT recruiters work with both employers and job seekers across the industry. An expert IT recruiter in Canada may know more about the work culture in your organization as they have the bonus of objectively assessing your company in comparison to others – thereby knowing which candidate would be a long-term value addition to your company.

They’ll consider the size of your business, your concerns and needs, and your company culture. They’ll use this understanding when screening applicants and when recommending candidates to you. You can trust IT recruiters are thinking of both hard and soft skills when it comes to identifying the right candidates for your business.

If you’re feeling a little lost about how to find the best candidates, talk to an IT recruiter. Even in this tough candidate’s market, a recruiter can help you make the best hires for your business.

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