23 Apr

How IT Recruiters Can Help Your Company Find “Hidden” Candidates

Posted by John Brandwagt

You, like many employers and hiring managers, may find yourself wondering where all the great IT professionals are as you sort through applications for your latest IT job posting. Between a talent shortage and a hot job market, it may seem as though all of the best IT professionals have already been hired by other employers. 

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There may be some “hidden” candidates out there, people who are missing your posting and you’re not finding. If you believe there’s still great talent out there, you’re right. The question is how can you find these talented professionals? IT recruiters can help your company find these hidden candidates.

Spreading a Wider Net

The first way IT recruiters can help you find hidden candidates for your company is by casting a wider net during the search phase. Think about where you place your job posting. Chances are you use some of the bigger job search sites. You may post to your own website. 

If you’re not casting a wider net with your job posting, there’s a good chance most of the qualified candidates you’re looking for are missing it. They’re not looking at these generalized search sites. They likely aren’t visiting your website. 

IT recruiters have a wider network, which means they can get your job posting in front of more candidates. They’ll still make use of your usual job boards, but they’ll also look to professional associations and specialized job search sites. They have their own internal network they can also leverage. 

A wider net means your posting is in more places, which in turn boosts its visibility. As your posting becomes more visible, it’s more likely the right people will see it and apply.

Contacting Passive Candidates

The IT recruiter’s network also includes passive candidates. These people are often highly qualified but they’re not actively looking for a job. They’re probably not looking at any of the major job sites as a result, nor are they looking at the jobs section of LinkedIn. 

IT recruiters bring the job posting to these passive candidates. Recruiters have IT professionals within their own networks, first and foremost, whom they can contact. They can also seek out highly qualified individuals and contact them with job opportunities.

Refine Your Job Description

Another reason you may not be finding the right candidates is the job description itself. If it’s too vague or doesn’t use the right keywords, the right candidates may not be finding it. As a result, you may think these candidates are hiding, but your job posting is actually hidden from them.

Revising and refining the job description can boost visibility. The post will be seen by more people and more of the right people. In turn, you have a better chance of hiring the right IT professional.

Pre-Screen and Sort Candidates

What if the perfect candidate was hiding in plain sight? In fact, their application is sitting in the pile of resumes you have on your desk right now. The problem? You’re missing them because you don’t have the technological capability to sort through these applications effectively.

IT recruiters have the technology to pre-screen and sort candidate applications more effectively and efficiently. You may have been missing top talent based on quick scans of their resumes. Applicant tracking systems (ATSs) are much better at this kind of work. You’re less likely to miss the right candidate when you employ one.

If you don’t have access to one or your company can’t invest in an ATS right now, don’t worry. IT recruiters do have access to an ATS, and they’re ready and willing to help you by employing it during your next hiring search. You can find those hidden candidates and make the best hire for your business.

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John Brandwagt

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