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How New Hiring Tools Are Helping IT Recruiters Get Better Results

Posted by John Brandwagt

The era of social media has created a new conundrum for job seekers, employers, and recruiters alike. On the one hand, it’s easier than ever before to apply to a job. On the other hand, the ease of applying has inflated the number of applications almost any job posting receives.

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Employers and recruiters are now sorting through dozens of applications for almost every job they post. This complicates the already complex process of trying to find the right people for the job.

Luckily, new tools are helping IT recruiters and employers get better results.

What Tools?

As technology speeds forward, people are interested in seeing how it can be applied to their lives. Many people are interested in business applications for new technology such as augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

Nowhere is this tendency more visible than in the tech industry itself. IT recruiters are keenly aware of new developments. They ponder how these new tools can be used to help them find better candidates for every position they’re entrusted with.

What kinds of tools are available? Social media is a big one in IT recruiters’ toolkit. Now they can get the word out more easily than ever before. They can also use social media to screen potential candidates and network with passive candidates.

Other tools include software designed to sort candidates and screen them. Tools such as online tests make it easier to assess a candidate’s skills. Video messaging allows people to conduct initial interviews without meeting face to face.

Finding Better Candidates

The biggest challenge of hiring has always been finding the right people for your company. Whether you’re a hiring manager or an IT recruiter, you want to find the best person for the job.

It’s a challenge because the best person may not show up on paper or in an interview. Similarly, the person you think is the “best” may not actually work out. New tools are helping IT recruiters make better choices.

The first step is finding the right people in the first place. If the “right” person never sees your job ad or doesn’t apply, you may not find them. Social media and job sites make it easier to spread the word about job postings. Specialized IT job sites can get job ads in front of the right professionals.

Networking is also crucial, as is software. IT recruiters can use software to analyze their database of available candidates to sort out top talent from those with less potential.

Assessing Candidates

Once you’ve received all the applications and analyzed the recruiter’s database or network of candidates, the work of assessment can begin. Which candidates truly fit the bill?

The first step can be analyzing resumes for keywords. Those who meet the criteria get put in the “yes” pile, which minimizes the number of applications you need to look over.

Other tools can help you pre-screen candidates more thoroughly. Leading candidates can be invited to complete a skills test or brought into a pre-screening interview over the phone or video conferencing.

Interviewing Candidates

Once the assessment process is over and the leading candidates have been identified, IT recruiters can begin interviewing potential candidates. This narrows the field even more for the employer.

IT recruiters can focus their questions on company culture and cultural fit in order to find better candidates for their clients. Since cultural fit is an important predictor of turnover, having this pre-screening step means employers have a better chance of ending up with the right person.

Technology helps here too. As mentioned, video conferencing can facilitate the interview process. Scheduling software assists with slotting in interviews. New hiring tools can even help IT recruiters deliver assessments during the interview.

In short, new technology is helping IT recruiters refine the process of finding the best possible candidates for you and your business.

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