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If you’re an IT engineer looking for a job then you’ve landed on the right page. As per a recent survey, there is a shortage of over 182,000 skilled IT engineers in Canada and still businesses are not able to find the right talent to fill those vacant position. In such a job market, staffing agencies specializing in IT recruitment go along way in helping both candidates and employers.

Information Technology Jobs Canada

Companies are always on a lookout for new and talented individuals. As a job seeker, you only need to know the key qualities companies look for in order to increase your chances of securing a job. This article will answer all your questions regarding staffing agencies in Canada.

Staffing Agencies are for Everyone

If you think that staffing agencies only look for fresh graduates, you’re wrong. The role of a staffing agency is to bridge the gap between employers and employees. They provide companies with the kind of talent employers need.

As companies need a spectrum of experience – from fresh graduates to experienced professionals – recruiters are always keen to stay in touch with job seekers.

If you are an IT engineer, getting in touch with a staffing agency in Canada will only help you develop your career and network better even if you already have a job. In case you just graduated, then a recruitment agency can be a good option to start and get to know about current opportunities.

Some organizations have binding contracts with staffing agencies – making them exclusive to job positions that arise within. Being on roll of a staffing agency, thus, renders a huge advantage for job seekers as they are made aware of jobs not otherwise published on job boards.



Hiring Parameters of Staffing Agencies:

While hiring information technology engineers, recruiters tend to follow a set pattern for screening quality candidates. Following is a list of things recruiters look for in a quality candidate:

  1. Your Skills and Experience

Companies want to hire skilled and experienced individuals. However, new graduates can also have a chance if they possess up-to-date skills.

Staffing agencies use quality assurance technique where they eliminate candidates who they do not find suitable for a job. They usually judge skills based on the resume which should include your qualifications, background, experience, and research work, if any.

Moreover, always accompany your resume with a cover letter that highlights your skills and indicates the kind of work culture you look forward to be a part of.

A good recruiter will scan your interests and skills against the different types of engineering careers he can pitch you for. A project manager who handled IT operations for an oil & gas company in the past may not be a good fit for an artificial intelligence research company, but could emerge as the top candidate with the same skill set to run a team of IT engineers at a chemical plant.

  1. Your Willingness to Learn and Work

Most staffing agencies will call you for an interview to understand you better. Since engineering is a constantly changing field, recruiters in Canada want to choose individuals who show a willingness to learn and improve.

Make sure to prepare for the interview session. You will get asked questions, such as:

  • Why did you choose information technology as a field?
  • Where do you see yourself in the next five, ten years?
  • Do you need a permanent position or are you interested in temporary jobs?

The staffing agencies would like to know where you want to work and what are your strengths and weaknesses.

  1. Your Expected Salary

Not all staffing agencies may ask you this question but some would like to know about your expectations in terms of salary before they make you an offer.

It’s important to understand your worth and research the market so that you know what to say when you’re asked about your expected salary.

If you already have a job then your expected salary should be a little higher than what you’re currently making. However, if you’re not experienced then you must be willing to start at the bare minimum.

  1. Permissions and Legal Documents

About 12% of all engineers in Canada are foreigners. While most job placement agencies offering engineering jobs in Canada work with foreign talent, they would want to see your legal documents to ensure you’re permitted to work in the country.

Some documents may be required even if you’re a local as some staffing agencies for engineers offering engineering jobs in Canada also run background checks to ensure the applicant is clean.

An Important Thing to Remember

Getting on roll of a staffing agency does not automatically guarantee you a job. If you are an engineer, keep working on updating your skills as per the requirement of the job market. Make sure to update your resume with the recruiter in sync with your skills and work experience. Information technology is an ever-evolving field and recruiters always play up candidates who they find willing to put in the hard yards.

Information Technology Jobs Canada

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