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How to Choose the Right IT Staffing Agency

Posted by Simon Delisle

How_to_Choose_the_Right_IT_Staffing_AgencyYour information technology systems are vital to your organization’s success. In order for your company to run efficiently, you must hire talented IT professionals. But when you’re not an expert in information technology and you don’t fully understand exactly which skills you should be looking for, it can be difficult to ensure you’re hiring the right people.

No need to worry—you can hire top talent in the industry by partnering up with an IT staffing agency. However, with so many firms on the market, it can be overwhelming for you to choose the right IT staffing agency to work with. To help you make the right decision, here are some pointers.


Though you don’t necessarily need to work with an IT staffing agency that is in close proximity to your business, it could help. If the firm is in your region or city, its recruiters will understand the market conditions of your location. They will also know the employers and candidates in the area, so they’ll know exactly who your local competitors are and whether or not they’re currently competing for IT talent. Additionally, they’ll likely have better relationships with candidates and understand how and where to recruit them.


How long your IT staffing agency has been in business can affect the quality of candidates you get. Typically, the longer it’s been around, the deeper its talent network is and the stronger its relationships with candidates and clients are. A firm that’s just starting out may not have a large enough pool of candidates yet, might not have proven recruiting and hiring processes in place, and might be more risky to choose.


The level of customer service you get will be of great importance. You can’t have your information systems acting up or slowing down for long before it starts to affect business. When you need an IT professional, you need him right away, so you can’t wait for your IT staffing agency to take an exorbitant amount of time to get back to you, to recruit, or to hire for you.


Before you choose an IT staffing agency, make sure you do some research to learn about its reputation in the industry. Contact some other industry professionals that have engaged the firm for their hiring needs and read reviews online. Every firm is bound to have a few bad reviews due to the high rate of candidate rejection, but pay close attention to what other clients are saying.

Sound Sourcing Strategy

If your IT staffing agency is fishing in the same pond as all the other firms or is simply using the same job boards that you could use on your own, you’re probably not going to get the best of the best candidates. Find a firm that has a sound sourcing strategy—one that thinks outside of the box in order to find top talent.


Not all staffing firms will provide the same services, so ensure the one you choose provides all of the services you’re looking for. This can include conducting background checks, performing initial interviews, referencing, weekly reporting, skill testing, on-boarding, etc.

Type of Placement

Some staffing firms are full-service providers, which mean they offer permanent placements as well as contract and temp-to-hire services. Others only recruit and hire temps and some focus on permanent placements only. The type of firm you’ll need will be based on your current and future IT staffing needs. Ideally, you want your staffing firm to be able to handle all of your IT hiring needs, not just some of them.

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