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How to Make Fewer IT Recruiting Mistakes

Posted by Simon Delisle

How_to_Make_Fewer_IT_Recruiting_MistakesYou know that your IT department is fundamental to the efficiency of your entire organization. You know how important it is to find the right IT professionals to handle your systems and networks. But do you know how to find those IT pros that you need?

Without the right help in your information technology department, your business could come to a screeching halt if you rely heavily on computers and the internet to run your company. Recruiting and hiring top talent in this field is vital to the integrity of your business.

However, it’s not so easy to recruit the right IT pros for your open positions. Make a mistake and you could be costing your company a lot of time and money, and putting it at risk of security threats and much more. In order to avoid making IT recruiting mistakes, consider the advice detailed below.

Understand the Basics of Information Technology

Unless you own a tech company, chances are you’re not going to be well versed in information technology, especially considering how ever-changing the field is. What’s hot and new in the industry one day is outdated and old the next. The fast pace of advancements in information technology make it difficult for business owners to stay ahead.

But if you’re recruiting IT professionals, you must have at least basic understand of IT. You must realize that there are a wide variety of job titles in the field—from IT systems administrators and data quality managers to programmers, network engineers, and web developers and hundreds of others in between. To hire the right person for the job, you must know what job you actually expect them to do. Do you want your IT pro to manage online threats, build your website, code, manage your networks, design new programs, or create applications? Do you have the appropriate knowledge related to the job that will allow you to spot the ideal candidate with the right skills and experience? 

Hire for Cultural Fit

When you focus on cultural fit rather than just for hard skills during your IT recruiting, you’ll see a marked difference in the quality and longevity of your hires. Although this goes for any department, it’s especially important in IT. You don’t want to spend time and money on recruiting a new employee who has the skills and education you need but won’t last at your company for more than a few weeks because of cultural clashes. Before you hire, make sure the candidate has the values, goals, and objectives that match those of the organization.

Strategically Position Your Company

If you want to recruit top talent, you have to strategically position your company as a great employer. In the field of IT this could mean detailing your company’s commitment to tech innovation, providing opportunities for further IT education, displaying your newest tech products, or providing access to the best technology for IT pros to do their work on. When you consider IT recruiting as part of your overall marketing strategy, you’ll get more top tech talent interested in working for you.

Engage an IT Staffing Firm to Help

If you don’t want to risk making IT recruiting mistakes and wasting your company’s time and money, your best bet is to work with an IT staffing firm that specializes in matching IT professionals with companies. Whether you don’t have the right knowledge of recruiting and hiring practices or you don’t fully understand the intricacies of the information technology field, an IT staffing agency can help you avoid mistakes and hire the right way. Your IT staffing firm will understand the ins and outs of information technology, the market trends, the pay scales per title, and the best places to recruit top talent so you’ll never be stuck choosing among mediocre candidates.

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