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3 IT Recruitment Predictions for 2019

Posted by John Brandwagt

2018 has come to an end, and we are here to get you prepared for the new year. One of the best ways to make sure your organization is ready for hiring in 2019 is to review a few of the prominent trends predicted for IT recruitment. This last year saw a boom in the need for cybersecurity professionals. The demand will only continue to rise as technology becomes more integrated, which we’ll discuss further below.
2019 is going to be a very interesting year for businesses and their ongoing projects of digital transformation. Here are three trends that give you a glimpse of what the next year in information technology recruitment will look like.

1. Technology Will Impact Hiring Practices

Continuing with the trend, 2019 is expected to see the role of technology increase even more in the hiring process. This prediction might sound obvious, since technology integration is becoming common; but it’s more complex than that. For one thing, data analytics has a bigger role to play in the metrics that determine what employees want and what affects their engagement. Data analytics has been a key strategy that IT recruitment has been using to adapt to an increasingly competitive job market. It is a great way to determine the key performance indicators (KPIs) that locate the top tech talent.
Technology enables faster placement of IT professionals in a business’s important positions. It ensures better retention because the talent has been selected according to the needs of an organization. Technology also gives both IT recruiters and employers a good way to measure performance. Recent developments have enabled managers to use technology to assess cultural fit after a candidate has been placed.
Lastly, whether you’re a recruiter, employer, or a candidate; job description is where it all starts. For that, search engine optimization and search engine marketing (SEO and SEM) are going to be as significant as they’ve always been.

2. A Team is Greater Than The Sum of Its Parts

The general focus for performance measurement and growth in recent years has been at the individual level. But moving forward, that’s going to change. Now, companies and recruiters will pay more attention to team building and use metrics to determine how efficient their teams are. Expect IT staffing agencies and internal hiring departments to focus more on how candidates’ KPIs relate to how well they work in a team or as a team lead.
Technology is becoming mainstream in the workplace. With this, the focus on teams and how they use technology for production efficiency is gaining significance. Of course, you can’t have high-performing teams if you neglect how employees are getting along at the interpersonal level. But 2019 is set to focus on how to optimize interpersonal relations so that communication and production are top notch.

3. The Increasing Need of Cybersecurity Professionals

As mentioned in the introduction, cybersecurity continues to be a major concern. And with malware like Popcorn Time ransomware becoming crafty in its social engineering, it’s no wonder. Businesses understand that they must have sustainable security solutions as they embrace technology. Without a rigorous infrastructure regularly checked for vulnerabilities, businesses risk collapsing to data breaches. They need to come up with best practices and policies to bolster themselves from cyber attacks. It’s no wonder then that cybersecurity specialists - like information security analysts - are lucrative and among the hottest titles to land in IT.

The Inteqna Difference

As a leader in IT recruitment in Canada, Inteqna specializes in utilizing latest technology to connect clients with qualified IT professionals for contract and permanent positions. With offices in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Edmonton; we have access to top IT talent across Canada. 2019 promises to be our most exciting year yet in IT, and we are geared up to match the demand with the best talent out there.
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