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Mobile App Developers: An In-Demand Job

Posted by John Brandwagt

It should be no great surprise that mobile app development is a lucrative business, what with nearly every consumer in Canada owning a smartphone or tablet. But what you might not have known is just how important good mobile app developers, who know how to come up with creative and bug-free apps, are to running a business.

Sure, a lot of companies realize the power of good native and web-based mobile apps for the marketing of their businesses’ brands, but mobile apps are also becoming increasingly integrated within a business’ average workday as well. Enterprise mobility, meaning any mobile app and cloud-based technology that allows for greater productivity and management, is a must-have in business today. Think of Dropbox, Slack, or Evernote, to name a few, and you’ll have an idea of why enterprise mobility is so desirable. Enabling staff to collaborate more and giving them infinitely more flexibility regarding where and when they can complete tasks and projects is a big deal. 

The above is why mobile app developers’ salaries are no joke, running from $90–115K a year! With the skills shortage making any specialized IT professional a precious resource, companies are very generous with their contracts. Want to know more about this prized IT position? Then you’ve come to the right place.

The Rise of Mobile Apps

A mobile app as a feature of a phone is something that almost everyone takes for granted these days.Yet the market for them really only exploded once Apple released its App Store function on iPhones back in 2008, a year after the first iPhone was released. Since then, there has been a boom in the amount of developers creating apps for mobile platforms, and billions of dollars have been made from doing so. Not all apps are created equal however, and while some developers created apps like the game Angry Birds (a runaway success), others realized that their own apps didn’t amount to much in terms of content. It takes talent and ingenuity to make a mobile app that is addictive, useful, or in some cases, both.

As of 2016, there are 2 million apps available in Apple’s App Store. That’s a lot of competition! Keeping that statistic in mind, it puts in perspective how well made an app must be, whether for enterprise or for leisure, to become the cream of the crop. But what does it take then, to be one of the mobile app developers who is able to design an extraordinary app?

What It Takes

The truth is there are several things that make for a superstar mobile app developer. The first is, of course, knowing a variety of modern programming languages that are essential to software development. A handful of these languages are: HTML5, PHP, JavaScript, C#, and Python. Employers will be keen to engage candidates who have experience in front-end and back-end development, because it means it’s likely that thosecandidates are good at UI/UX design. The best mobile apps are the ones that have next to no bugs and have interfaces that are simple and easy to navigate. 

Also important is the ability to design cross-platform apps, because people will be downloading your app not just onto an iPhone, but onto a smartphone that runs on an Android OS as well. Businesses want their apps to be available to the maximum number of consumers out there.

Mobile app developers who can include support for cloud technology and know enough about cybersecurity to make that cloud technology safe will be well sought after, as the cloud is an effective solution to cross-platform capability.

Passive Candidates

Proficient mobile app developers are in such short supply that businesses are looking to IT recruiting firms to help locate passive candidates. These candidates are those who are already gainfully employed, but who might consider new offers if the opportunities seem worthwhile. Clearly, now is a great time to be a mobile app developer.

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