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Partner with an IT Recruiting Specialist to Find Your Ideal Job

Posted by John Brandwagt

Amongunrealistic expectations, an overly competitive job market, and overreliance on things like applicant tracking systems, there are a lot of different reasons why IT job seekers are finding it hard to locate their desired jobs.

But it doesn’t have to be rocket science to find your ideal job in IT. Perhaps it’s time you considered what IT recruiting specialists can do for you. Partnering with a recruiting specialist can be just what you need to land your ideal job.

Specialized Knowledge of Specialized Positions

Above all, when you are looking for very specific titles IT, you will find that locating information on how to land these titles can be difficult. You know the basics: have a good personal brand, update your resume and relevant social media platforms, network…but outside of that it often feels like it just comes down to dumb luck. You could have all the checkmarks and still find you are not getting interview calls/emails.

IT recruiting specialists make it their business to know exactly what companies are looking for, and they have broad knowledge of how the IT job market works. Whether you are looking to land a gig as a technician or trying to kick off your CIO career, IT recruiting specialists are in constant contact with companies and they can educate you on the right way to acquire your coveted position.

You might be the passive candidate companies are looking for

There’s a huge demand for passive candidates in the IT job market right now. Passive candidates are those who are already gainfully employed, but who may be interested in new opportunities in IT if they were to present themselves. Does this sound like you? If so, this is a great reason to partner with IT recruiting specialists. Companies need industry professionals that have a lot of workplace experience as well as expertise in specific fields, like cybersecurity, software development,and cloud technology. Right now, passive candidates are being sought after by companies, and the very savvy ones look to IT recruiting firms to get connected.

IT Skills Shortage Means Competition Is in Your Favour

With the IT skills shortage still in full swing, employers are willing to be generous with negotiations, both with you and IT staffing agencies. There are over 218,000 IT jobs being generated between now and 2020 in Canada, and not nearly enough skilled candidates to fill them. What that statistic means is that you and the specialists you partner with will be at an advantage when dealing with prospective companies. It’s not often that you get to have a large say in what your contract will look like, so make sure you have done a thorough self-assessment regarding what your ideal job would be like. The specialists you partner with will be quite helpful in this regard, letting you know of the current standards in the field and how to tell if a company is trying to sell you short. They’ll even negotiate on your behalf.

Now is an exciting time to be a job seeker in the IT market, although at times it may feel overwhelming. There are a lot of opportunities out there, but it can be difficult to navigate all of them to find your ideal position. IT recruiting specialists are there to help you not only find but retain that dream job. There’s a lot of competition in the IT market, but in this instance the competition is among employers over candidates like you who can help them round out their IT staff.

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