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Driving I.T. up North: The Home-Grown Unicorns of Canada

Posted by Simon Delisle

The IT Industry knows no bounds. It has expanded at a phenomenal rate across the globe. Today, it is known to be one of the most important industries of a country. Like every other part of the world, Canada is also progressing rapidly towards building a robust Information Technology & Communications network. Canada has a workforce of almost 488,000 skilled professionals and is considered to be home to some of the best performing startups in the I.T industry.

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Snapshot of the IT Industry in Canada Today

I.T. industry's growth in Canada is clear from the stability that is a permanent part of this region. While the rest of the world is struggling with changes, Canada remains to be stable politically, socially, as well as, economically. It is because of this stability that many I.T. professionals are finding their way into Canada and are looking at this place as a ground wherein they can experience growth and expansion. Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver are some of the most famous cities in Canada and are known to be a breeding ground for tech talent and innovation. These tech hubs are responsible for different types of Information Technology (IT) jobs available in Canada, with Project Manager considered to be one of the most important and highest paid. The reason for this immense popularity has a link to a project manager's ability to use all the latest Information Technology tools as well as manage people efficiently.

The Unicorn Club

The term Unicorn Club is used for a group of companies in the United States that have reached a valuation of USD 1 billion or higher. In Canada, the same term is associated with rare animal found in frigid waters of northern Canada called Narwhal. The Narwhal club comprises of a group of Canadian companies that have reached a valuation of CAD 1 billion or more since 1999.

Famous Narwhal Club Members in the Canadian I.T. sector

1. Hootsuite

The company prides itself on being the most widely used social networking platform around the world. Established in 2008, Hootsuite joined the Narwhal Club in 2014 and is credited with raising $250 Million in investment capital since it began its operations. The company has over 16 million active users around the world who collaborate and create amazing products.

2. Shopify

Shopify started out as a team of 5 working out of a coffee shop with a revolutionary idea to change the way people do commerce. The company joined the Narwhal club in 2014 and has done over $63 Billion in sales since it began its operations in 2008. Today, Shopify has a team of 3,000 plus individuals working across the globe helping businesses at every step of their transactions.

3. Slack

Considered to be the fastest growing professional network in history, Slack is famous for signing up more than 8000 users on its platform within the first 24 hours of its launch in 2013. The company joined Narwhal club in 2014, just a year after its launch date. The company has over 8 Million active users and operates from regional offices around the world.

4. Kik

Launched in 2009 by a group of university students, Kik has changed the way teens connect with each other. The smartphone application provides great features for young adults to connect with their friends and family and is considered to be one of the fastest growing chat platforms in the world today. Kik joined the Narwhal club in 2015 and has raised over $120 Million in investor capital since inception.

5. Avigilion

Named as one of the fastest growing tech firms in Canada, Avigilon was founded in 2004 and joined the Narwhalk club in 2013. The company designs video surveillance equipment and software that has been installed at thousands of sites around the world.

Bottom Line

The Innovation and Skills Plan introduced by the Canadian Government aims at making the country a central hub for technological innovation. Moreover, the ease in immigration policies has made it easier for employers to bring in skilled tech workers from all over the world. All of this has made Canada an attractive place for all the tech experts wanting to build a strong identity for their business and opened doors to different types of Information Technology (IT) jobs.

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