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[Video] The 2017/2018 Salary Guide for IT Professionals Is Now Available!

Posted by John Brandwagt

Canada is a country with a vast and vital capacity to grow, adapt, and innovate. The nation is home to a booming information technology (IT) industry that is changing the face of the economy with its rapid expansion. It’s allowing Canadian businesses in all sectors to prosper on a global scale.


The wealth of opportunities available in the IT industry (in what some have deemed the Age of the Digital Economy) is not only the future—it’s the right here, right now. Technology is changing at a rapid-fire pace and Canadians who are getting onboard with IT now are securing lucrative, creative, and sustainable careers with an unprecedented amount of room for future development.

There’s no doubt the shifting, increasingly connected mobile landscape will continue to change the professional labour market. Our newly released salary guide will help you stay ahead of the trends.

Talented IT Workers Are in Demand

The demand for talented IT workers continues to rise exponentially, with no end in sight. In fact, by 2021, approximately 216,000 essential IT positions will need to be filled in Canada. Thankfully, the recent Federal Budget outlined much-needed investments in IT workforce development that will continue to revitalize Canada’s digital advantage in a global economy.

There is a lot to be gained from an exciting, in-demand career in IT.

Bridging the IT Skills Gap

In our 21st-century economy, there is no sector left unaffected by increasing demand for skilled labour in IT. The IT spectrum is vast, and the demand for IT professionals working in a variety of different capacities with diverse skillsets is growing. The challenge of hiring and retaining top IT talent isn’t resolving itself.

In the ever-changing tech landscape, some of the most highly requested and sought-after skills in the IT sector in today’s market include analytics, big data, cloud computing, IT security, and software development.

However, it’s important to remember that as new technologies and innovations are constantly revolutionizing the market, there is no way to predict what the most in-demand skills of the future will be when it comes to IT.

It’s both an exciting and challenging reality. In response, current and prospective IT professionals would do well to create a culture of constant learning and development, so they are always prepared to keep their skills up to date.

Using an IT Recruiting Firm

The information technology landscape presents a set of unique challenges when it comes to hiring. Even experienced hiring managers are finding it difficult to hire IT professionals with the right skills and expertise.

Due to the tech skills gap, top tech candidates have endless options and opportunities—organizations need to partner with recruiting firms to ensure talented industry professionals choose their companies over the competition.

Information technology and recruiting firms are more closely aligned than ever before for several reasons. For one, IT is increasingly complex, making it harder than ever to hire within the industry. IT recruiters are helping businesses in every sector hire individuals with the right blend of skills and proficiencies.

Recruiting firms also predict the future. A good firm will perform meaningful, in-depth market research in order to offer fair pricing, make timely matches, and deliver on top talent.

Read the Full Guide Today!

Our 2017/2018 salary guide for IT professionals highlights the most popular positions across Canada. Do you want detailed information about in-demand jobs across the nation from Alberta to the GTA? Our highly relevant salary guide is for you.

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