14 Sep

The 5 Most In-Demand Technology Jobs in Canada

Posted by John Brandwagt

While tech in general has seen a massive boom in Canada over the course of the last two decades or so, there are a few areas of expertise that are more in-demand than others. Whether it’s because of the skills shortage causing a scarcity in certain areas or just more businesses hopping on board with increasingly advanced technology, it pays to know which areas are seeing the most attention from employers.

Whether you’re just starting out in your career or you’re looking to make a switch, make sure to keep these lucrative career paths in mind. Here are five of the most in-demand technology jobs in Canada, and what exactly makes them so desirable.

1. Software Developers

Those IT experts who possess the right kind of skills in development have got it made in the business world—they generally get to take part in some of the most creative aspects of IT, while also being among the most sought after in terms of employment. These professionals generally fall into two categories: the application developers who have the job of designing computer software and databases, and the systems-focused developers who build operating systems. With the demand growing nearly 12% for both types of developers over the course of the next five years, this career path is among the most desirable in Canada—both for employers, and for those looking to get their start in IT.

2. IT Security

If you’ve been paying attention to the news at all in recent years, you’ll have seen at least a few reports of major IT security breaches from large corporations. IT security is more important than ever, and the experts who plan and monitor the cyber security of businesses are growing to be one of the most important assets of the tech landscape. This field is expected to grow rapidly throughout the next two years, making those skilled in cyber security one of the most in-demand technology jobs in Canada.

3. Computer User Support Specialists

Tech support is one of the most necessary IT jobs there is, making these professionals some of the most desirable in the market today. Support specialists communicate with end-users to resolve their technological problems, making the ability to troubleshoot effectively a hugely important part of this role. It’s this troubleshooting ability that makes great tech support so rare in Canada—it requires effective communication and technological prowess, a balance that can be difficult to find. Employers are willing to work hard to recruit a skilled user support specialist, making them incredibly in-demand in Canada over the coming years.

4. Data Analytic Specialists

With more and more businesses opting to use big data, the demand for data analytic specialists is higher than it’s ever been, and will only continue to grow. These tech experts know how to manage massive amounts of digital information and can spot patterns and draw conclusions from it—a skill that is in critical shortage in Canada today. With the supply nearing 20% of the demand for these talented individuals, they often have the option to work almost anywhere, and command impressive salaries to boot.

5. Web Developers

Web developers have always been high on the list, but the need for more creative web experts who can think outside the box is growing. Every organization who takes their business seriously has a website, and competition is high for the web developers who can take these websites to the next level. This position can pay fairly lucratively as well—especially in larger cities—making it a desirable area to work in for the coming years.

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