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The One Thing You Need to Know about Great IT Recruiters

Posted by Simon Delisle

The_One_Thing_You_Need_to_Know_about_Great_IT_RecruitersIT recruiters can come in many forms: some might just be starting out and don’t really quite understand the business yet, others might be mediocre at their jobs, and others might be exceptional. The greatest of IT recruiters provide valuable services to organizations.

They’re well versed in technology, they understand staffing, and they’re incredibly talented at what they do. They do the grunt work. They know how to wrangle people. They know how to network. They know how to make enticing job offers. They know how to spot inconsistencies and lies on resumes and in interviews to weed out the bad candidates. They know how to find the best candidates for any given business environment. They have ethical business practices and strong principles. They know how to build honest, genuine, and mutually beneficial relationships with both candidates and hiring managers. They treat their clients and candidates with respect.

But there’s only one thing you really need to know about great tech recruiters: They can effectively meet any and all of your IT hiring needs.

Find out why no IT hiring challenge is too great for the most professional, experienced, and knowledgeable tech recruiters.

They Know Tech

Great IT recruiters understand tech, inside and out. They keep up with the latest tech news and innovation. They know the lingo, the terminology, the techie language. They understand what skills, education, and experience is needed to fill any type of information technology role. They know which IT professionals you will need to manage the IT side of your business in order to reach your business goals.

They can effectively meet your hiring needs because they understand exactly what you need in a new IT hire. They won’t short-list candidates who aren’t qualified for the job because they understand the various types of roles in information technology and what skills are needed to fill those positions.

They Know Staffing

Tech recruiters not only have knowledge of information technology, they also have in-depth knowledge of the staffing industry. They understand where to recruit for best results and which perks and benefits candidates want to be offered in order to take the job. They know the market conditions, the challenges and opportunities, the trends, and the salary expectations for your industry and location. They understand the imbalance of supply and demand in information technology and know they’re in a talent war—and they know just what they have to do to win.

They Form Relationships

Staffing is a people industry. It’s all about relationships. And the best IT recruiters understand that they need to form strong relationships with their clients in order to ensure that they have all of the information they need to recruit the right candidates, have the trust of the hiring managers, and have the lines of communications open to receive and provide honest feedback, suggestions, and advice.

They’re also exceptional at forming relationships with candidates—which is vital for their success in the industry. They treat their candidates well, they keep them in the loop, they listen to their needs, wants, and concerns and they make sure to place applicants with employers who match their personal and professional interests and values.

Relationship building is the key to successful staffing, and great IT recruiters know how important rapport is for recruiting top tech talent: the best candidates will want to work with them and will trust them if they feel a genuine connection.

Great IT recruiters are fully committed to meeting your IT hiring needs. They know tech, they know staffing, and they know how to build relationships that will win over top talent and keep clients happy. When you work with an exceptional IT recruiter, your needs will always be met.

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