11 Apr

Top 5 IT Jobs Set to Grow in 2018

Posted by John Brandwagt

It’s shaping up to be another big year for the IT industry in Canada. The economy and the job market grew in 2017. The industry is already seeing those patterns continue in the early months of 2018.

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Even within industries, though, some jobs experience much more growth than others. This is true in the tech industry right now. Which jobs are hot for 2018? Here’s a handful of IT jobs to keep an eye on in the coming months.

1. Data Security Administrator

Between news about chip flaws and major scandals and hacks, cybersecurity has become something of a buzzword in the industry.

It should be relatively little surprise that one of 2018’s hottest IT jobs has to do with security. The data security administrator is responsible for ensuring the safe handling of data across networks and through companies. As businesses collect and leverage more and more data, security becomes even more of a concern.

What do you need to become a data security administrator? Some security certifications are key, as is a background in computer science. Soft skills are also important for this position.

2. Business Analyst

Sometimes known as a business intelligence (BI) analyst, business analysts are becoming both more common and more popular. As more companies rely on harvesting and interpreting the vast amounts of data they collect, BI action plans and activities become more important. Business analysts become more and more necessary.

Business analysts look at analytics and interpret data. They then communicate their findings to stakeholders. Businesses can then make smarter decisions about their data needs.

Business analysts typically work with databases. You’ll want experience in database technology. Analytical thinking is also key.

3. Database Developer

Speaking of databases, many businesses are in the process of developing their very first databases or overhauling old and outdated ones. One of the hottest IT jobs is thus the database developer who assists in both of these tasks.

Why are database developers so important? Big data continues to grow in more sophisticated ways. More data is available than ever before. People need better ways to manage all that data, so new and updated databases are necessary.

Of course, database developers need some experience with databases, including enterprise programs. Certifications such as Microsoft Certified Database Administrator also look great on a resume.

4. Project Managers

Do you have leadership skills? Maybe you’ve already led some IT projects or perhaps you completed a certification in project management. There’s good news. Businesses are looking for people like you.

Project manager is one of the fastest-growing IT jobs in 2018 because so many hiring managers are looking for competent people to lead their teams through complex IT projects. Many companies now working on IT projects aren’t tech firms themselves, so they may be looking for someone to lead in an area that’s new to them. Others may not have the in-house capacity.

If you have project management skills, you have a good chance of landing a job.

5. Software Engineer

The Internet of Things (IoT) is driving the need for many new programs to operate on everything from desktop computers to cars.

Software engineers may go by many different names, although there are usually subtle differences between engineers and developers. If you have software-building skills, you could land one of the hottest IT jobs of 2018.

As the IT industry continues to evolve and change, many other jobs will experience growth. Keep an eye on trends and keep your skills up to date. You never know when the right opportunity will come along.

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