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Top 6 Qualities IT Recruiters Are Looking for in 2018

Posted by John Brandwagt

It’s no secret the IT industry is one of the hottest sectors in Canada right now. A skills shortage has made it difficult for employers to hire all the talent they need over the last couple of years. Even if this trend begins to reverse, there are still many positions to be filled.

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As a result, many employers have turned to IT recruiters to help them fill their vacancies. If you’re looking for a job, you may very well need to work with these recruiters as well. What qualities are they looking for in 2018?

1. Leadership Skills

Leadership skills never go out of style, as all IT recruiters will attest. Many companies now conduct internal searches for their next managers, vice-presidents, and directors. They’re looking to get people into the pipeline early on as a result.

Leadership skills may not be required for the job you want to do or the job you’re hired to do, but it’s never a bad idea to hone them for the future.

2. Angular Skills

Web developers are one of the most in-demand jobs in Canada right now. Companies have recognized the need to be present on the web and often to overhaul their web presence to create a better customer experience.

Angular skills are designing the web of the future, blending the best of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more to create a better interactive website experience for users. Those who have Angular skills are more likely to be hired. Bone up on your Angular if you want to land a web development job in 2018.

3. IT Security Skills

Most people are aware of security issues revolving around information technology. You don’t need to look any further than the Equifax hack or the Uber scandal to see concerns about the security of IT networks and apps in large companies.

As these sorts of stories proliferate through the news media and public consciousness, many business owners and Directors IT have their eye on security improvements for 2018.

To achieve better security, they need to hire skilled IT professionals with great security skills. You don’t necessarily need to be a security specialist (although specialists are in demand), but knowing how to incorporate security features into beautiful web design will be points in your favour.

4. Mobile App Development

The app market is still growing. More and more companies are implementing a mobile program. The result is many are developing and issuing their own web apps. From start-ups that dream of being the next Snapchat to big banks deciding to offer their customers more convenient ways of banking, mobile apps are big business.

Although the demand for mobile app developers may eventually slow down, it will be important for almost every developer and IT professional to have some skill in mobile app development in the future.

5. Communication Skills

Here’s another skill that never goes out of style: good communication. IT recruiters will tell you how important communication skills are to their clients. Communication is one of the more important soft skills you can learn.

If you think your communication skills are lacking, you can always take a quick course or read up on ways to improve.

6. Big Data Skills

IT recruiters know big data skills are still in demand across the country. Many employers have data lakes or a need to manage their data more efficiently and effectively.

If you have any of these skills, you’re in a great position to land a new job in 2018. Talk to specialist IT recruiters and get started on your job search today.

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