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Top Paying IT Jobs in 2018: A Roundup

Posted by Simon Delisle

2018 witnessed a lot of activity in the information technology sector. While GDPR regulations were the highlight for marketers, cybersecurity remained high on the agenda of companies. On expected lines, there was an increased interest and investment in agile methodologies – as companies from enterprise to small and medium businesses looked to implement new ways to expedite their processes.


How 2018 impacted Information Technology?

Artificial Intelligence, as expected, was the buzzword throughout the year. As AI increased in scope from content and keywords and crept into the sphere of voice, it resulted in a paradigm shift in the way information technology data is gathered and the solutions delivered. Machine learning also found its way into software development and completely altered the way developers used to go about their job. We’ll talk about it in another article.

The Change in Demand of IT Skills

We did an article on the most in-demand IT jobs in Canada in June this year. True the skills that employers look for in their candidates, 2018 saw an increase in salaries for all the jobs listed there. But there were some outliers too. As more and more businesses move from dedicated, in-house servers to cloud solutions for their database, we saw a rise in demand and competition for engineers with cloud programming skills. Similarly, security seems to rank high on the minds of business owners, with the rise in demand of cybersecurity engineers.

 IT Jobs In Canada 2018 - 2019

5 Highest Paying IT Jobs in 2018

1. IT Project Manager

Salary Range: $80K-$125K, Experience: 5-10 years

Owing to the responsibility and scope of position, the average project manager salary in Canada this year ranges between $80K - $140K with at least 5 years of experience. Senior-level IT project manager salaries range even higher: $150K and more in enterprise companies, making it the highest paid job in the IT sector.

2. Director Business Intelligence

Salary Range: $100k-$115K, Experience: 4-8 years

Data analysis is big on the minds of IT companies, and driving intelligent decisions and redefining processes on the basis of that data makes Business Intelligence an in-demand domain to be in. Director BI make anywhere between $100K-$140K dependent on the experience level and the industry sector.

3. Big Data Architect

Salary range: $100K - $120K, Experience: 5-10 Years

As data tends to direct more and more processes, big data architects seem to gain in prominence. A mid-level big data architect in Canada gets paid nearly $100K per year, while those with over 10 years of experience can see their income in the whereabouts of $150K.

4. DevOps Engineer

Salary: $75K-$95K, Experience: 4-8 years

As companies invest more on ensuring smoother delivery of solutions, the role of a DevOps engineer gets more sought after. A mid-level DevOps developer falls in the bracket of $60K-$95K, whereas experienced ones command anywhere between $95K-$125K.

5. Solutions Architect

Salary Range: $80K-$95K, Experience: 4-8 Years

A robust ICT architecture is the USP of any IT company, and that makes the role of solutions architect so critical. Solutions architect is responsible for the development on technology solutions in accordance with the enterprise architectural plan. A mid-level solutions architect makes anywhere between $80K-$95K, with senior employees raking in close to $110K a year.


These salaries for IT jobs corroborate the fact that data, cloud, processes and security kept the IT world occupied in 2018. As we enter into 2019, these skills can serve as a benchmark to build your profile on. You must take note of the fact that these salary range are average and are specific to prevalent industry and economic conditions at the time of compilation. Deciding on a salary takes into consideration a lot of factors, for which it is always advisable to read through multiple sources or get in touch with an expert.

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