13 Jun

Why Are I.T. Project Managers Paid the Highest Salaries in Canada?

Posted by Simon Delisle

The world of information technology is growing at a phenomenal rate. As per the Toronto Stock Exchange, the technology and innovations sector has grown faster than any other exchange since 2013. This bodes well for the 488,000 professionals employed in the IT sector, while also paving the way for numerous IT jobs in Canada.

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6 Jun

4 Key skills Web Developers must have to Get a job in Canada

Posted by John Brandwagt

The IT industry in Canada is booming and with this boom, there is an increased demand for skilled web developers across the country. Not only are employers looking for software developers, an increased focus on smartphone-enabled websites has led to increase in opportunities for mobile app developers too.

What does a Web Developer do?

The position of a web developer is the most sought after in Canada next to that of the software developer. Web developers (especially the ones worth their salt) are responsible for designing websites that are attractive and function optimally. If these developers excel at what they do, they ensure visitors get a strong impression of a company’s brand and what it has to offer them that competitors cannot.

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28 May

How IT recruiters help you find the best candidate

Posted by John Brandwagt

With different types if information technology job opportunities opening up in Canada, hiring managers are struggling to find the best match. The issue of shortage of skilled IT experts in Canada has been compounded with the nation’s record 40-year low unemployment rates. If there ever was a candidate-driven market, this is it.

Download "The 2017/2018 Salary Guide For Information Technology Professionals"

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