25 Apr

What skills do you need to be an ERP professional?

Posted by John Brandwagt

Every business needs a set of processes to function correctly. These might pertain to inventory management, finance and accounting, human resources, customer relationship management and finance, among others. Enterprise Resource Management fits into the picture in that it allows these processes to be integrated into a single system. That is the reason ERPs are so central to the effective functioning of any enterprise business.

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Topics: IT jobs types
22 Aug

Cybersecurity Experts: The Rising Need Amid The Skill Shortage

Posted by Simon Delisle

Cyberattacks are on the rise. As per a World Economic Forum report, cybersecurity breaches cost over $300bn to companies worldwide. As per global information technology leader Accenture, the average number of successful cybersecurity breaches to affect companies have increased 22% to over 130 per year. That makes a case enough to have a robust cybersecurity system for your organization. But is it really worth it?


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