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[Video] Understanding the Different Types of IT Job Titles

Posted by John Brandwagt

From the beginning of the information age to today, hundreds, if not thousands, of IT job titles have been created. Technology is constantly changing, and with each new invention or update, there seems to be more and more specialized IT job titles being created to match them.

Because information technology is a fast-growing field, it offers relatively good job security and income for those with the right education and technical skills. IT professionals are in high demand in various industries. Although listing all IT job titles would be almost impossible due to the vast and ever-changing number, below we describe the most popular and common IT job titles in the field to allow you to better understand them. 

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Types of IT Job Titles

  • Software Developer
  • Network Engineer
  • Network Administrator
  • Computer Scientist
  • Systems Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Tech Support
  • IT Consultant
  • Software Tester


Software Developer

Before businesses can utilize computer applications, someone needs to create them. Software developers create applications like web functionality tools, video games, device drivers, operating systems, business productivity software, and more. These developers plan and design a concept and then take it through testing and implementation stages, using scripting languages like JavaScript, SQL, and HTML. These developers typically talk to clients and colleagues to find out what system or solution is needed in order to develop it. Other similar IT job titles include internet developers or web developers.

Network Engineer

A network engineer designs, sets up, maintains, and upgrades computer and telecommunication networks. This is one of the most technically difficult and demanding of all IT careers. Disaster recovery strategies, security, and data storage are often handled by this professional as well.

Network Administrator

The network administrator maintains and supports existing networks, such as local area networks (LANs) and wide area networks (WANs). This includes internet and intranet communications as well as server maintenance, troubleshooting, and network security against online threats. The network administrator can go by other commonly known IT job titles, such as information security analyst or information technology specialist.

Computer Scientist

Computer devices and hardware are developed and designed by computer scientists, who typically specialize in just one component, such as motherboards, routers, or modems.

Systems Analyst

The systems analyst is also known as the solutions specialist, systems engineer, technical designer, or product specialist. This professional finds solutions to business problems by investigating issues, analyzing them, and then designing information systems as well as identifying the costs and requirements associated with the solution, in response to the issue. It takes a mix of business knowledge and technical knowledge to succeed in this career.

Business Analyst

The business analyst discusses information technology with business managers, tech people, and end users in order to find improvements for business operations and processes. This IT professional will analyze a client’s needs, gather and document requirements, and create project plans. Though an understanding of technology is necessary for this role, a technical degree isn’t always necessary.

Tech Support

The technical support person troubleshoots information technology problems. These IT professionals have the skills needed to respond to requests for help, support, and to monitor and maintain workplace technology. Technical support also goes by the IT job titles of helpdesk support, problem manager, or operations analyst.

IT Consultant

The IT consultant or specialist provides technical expertise to external clients, typically on a per-project or contract basis. The consultant may develop and implement IT systems, manage IT projects, provide after-sales support, or even develop code.

Software Tester

Also known as a software quality assurance tester or test analyst, the software tester anticipates the various ways an information system or application could fail in order to reduce the occurrence of bugs. This professional will test macros and scripts, analyze the results and provide feedback.


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