29 Jan

What Are IT Recruiters Looking for from IT Professionals in 2018?

Posted by John Brandwagt

It’s a new year. On January 1, many people made New Year’s resolutions or set goals to achieve over the next 12 months. For many people, those goals are career-oriented. You might decide you want to switch jobs or work in a new field. Maybe you’re looking for a promotion or you hope to land a brand-new job altogether.

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If you’re hoping to make big changes in 2018, you might be thinking about partnering with IT recruiters to further your chances of landing your dream job or to speed up the job search. If so, you might be wondering what IT recruiters are looking for from IT professionals in the next 12 months.

Soft Skills

Perhaps the item highest on the list of IT recruiters’ wish list is soft skills. While many IT professionals will ask which hard skills are in the highest demand or which job titles employers are posting, IT recruiters want to see soft skills.

Why? Soft skills include communication skills, critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, emotional intelligence, leadership skills, and teamwork and interpersonal skills, among others. This extensive list sounds rather generic, but they’re important skills for almost every job.

IT professionals need to be able to communicate, they must be able to solve problems in new and creative ways, and they need to work together in teams. It’s little wonder IT recruiters want to see more soft skills from IT professionals in 2018.

Mobile Development Skills

The world is moving toward mobile. Mobile shopping is picking up steam, and more people are using their phones and tablets to complete work they would have once done on their desktop computers. Consumers and employees alike are using more apps in their day-to-day lives.

The demand for mobile development skills has never been higher. Some employers will look to design their first customer-facing apps in 2018 while others will be redesigning an app or readying a new app for the market. No matter what they’re doing, they still need the same kinds of people with the same kinds of skills.

Mobile development skills are one of the most sought-after skillsets for IT recruiters in 2018. If you have them, it might be time to talk to a recruiter and spin those skills into a brand-new job.

Cybersecurity and IT Security Skills

Security is on everyone’s minds. Business leaders and managers have become more keenly aware of the need for security in the last few months, especially in the wake of the Equifax hack and the Uber scandal.

As a result, more employers are looking for IT security specialists and expanding their security efforts. Security will become more embedded in every IT function and almost every business function over the next year. IT recruiters are definitely looking for IT professionals with some cybersecurity skills to fill employers’ demands in 2018.

Big Data Skills

Database administration may not be the most exciting area of IT, but it’s become increasingly important to most businesses in the past few years. “Big data” is still a big trend in IT and recruiters are looking for people who have skills in this area to help businesses design better solutions to deal with the amount of data they’re mining.

AR and AI Skills

Augmented reality and artificial intelligence continued to grow in 2017. It’s likely these areas will continue to expand in 2018 as improvements in technology make them more useful for businesses and consumers alike.

The result will be IT recruiters wanting to see more IT professionals with experience and talent in this area. It’s a new and exciting field where demand will soon outstrip availability. If you have the skills, 2018 could just be your lucky year.


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