13 Apr

What to Know about the Montreal IT Job Market

Posted by Simon Delisle

Montreal has gained something of a reputation as a global hotspot for the tech industry. In fact, the province of Quebec has total tech industry employment rivalling that of California’s Silicon Valley. Many in-demand IT jobs are situated in the sprawling, Old World-esque Montreal.

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If you’re looking for a job in Montreal or you’re thinking about trying your luck in the province, there are a few things you should know first.

AI Is the Driver

Artificial intelligence has been improving by leaps and bounds in the last few years. Whereas concepts like androids once seemed like part of a far-fetched future, they’re becoming closer and closer to reality today. Chatbots and neural networks is the subject of much innovation, research, and discussion right now.

Montreal’s global tech hotspot status comes from its emergence as an AI hub. With several universities assembled in the city and some tax incentives, many companies have infused the university scene with research funds for AI projects.

AI is thus the major driver of Montreal’s IT job market. Researchers are needed. If you have skills in the area or you’re interested in learning more, there may be a university position for you.

Many Tech Companies Are Also There

It’s not just the universities hiring IT professionals and researchers. While many universities have open positions for researchers in ongoing projects, they’re in competition with the tech giants themselves. Google has already set up shop in Montreal, as have several other big players in the market.

On the software side, companies such as Electronic Arts and Ubisoft also maintain operations in Montreal. In short, there are many potential employers crowding the Montreal market right now.

Start-Ups and Venture Capital

There are also much smaller companies populating the Montreal IT job market, including many start-ups and venture capital companies. While most of these ventures are focused on AI, not all of them have picked that as their primary focus.

Eventually, some of these companies could become giant corporations. One of Montreal’s largest tech employers is actually Element AI, a Montreal-based company. Other ventures could eventually soar to the same heights.

Looking Outside IT

When you think of IT jobs, you probably think first of the tech giants, such as Google and others like it. You may also look at the tiny start-up companies doing interesting and innovative work in the IT industry.

You may not think about the other companies that employ IT professionals. They’re in Montreal, and some of them are enormous. Take, for example, airplane part manufacturer Pratt & Whitney. The business isn’t one you’d look to when you think of IT, but IT technologies are becoming more and more important in the manufacturing of planes. Think about software to help with navigation and self-flying planes, similar to self-driving cars being developed elsewhere.

Other large employers in Montreal include Bombardier and Rolls-Royce. The pharmaceutical industry is also well-represented in the IT job market: Sandoz and Pfizer are both located there.

The Entertainment Side of Things

Ubisoft and Electronic Arts were already mentioned, but they’re among several major businesses in Montreal that represent the “entertainment” side of the tech industry. Others include MindGeek, which is sometimes cited as the largest “tech” employer in Montreal.

CGI provides services, while Gameloft also has operations in the city. Other companies with large presences include Amaya, which runs gambling websites, and Lightspeed POS, which competes with Shopify. Hibernium is an independent company but isn’t small by any stretch of the imagination.

In short, the IT job market in Montreal has many different players looking for many different people in various IT areas. While AI might be the big-news item in Montreal right now, it’s clear the tech industry is multi-faceted and IT professionals are in demand.


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