28 May

Why All Businesses Need IT Security Specialists

Posted by John Brandwagt

Whether it’s communicating through email or developing apps for your customers to use, chances are your business uses IT on a daily basis. 

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Once considered a support department, IT is taking on a more central role as technology becomes more and more embedded in everyday life. 

It’s the reason every business needs IT security specialists.

The Rise of IT

Twenty years ago, IT was the support department. IT professionals made sure computers and programs were running optimally so other people could do their jobs. 

IT looks radically different today. It’s embedded in virtually every operation a business runs, from delivering emails between co-workers and transferring files, to creating the apps your customers use for their online banking or insurance needs.

A Looming Threat

As IT has become more central to business operations, it’s led to rising security concerns. 

Security has always been an issue in IT. Think about movies from the 1990s and early 2000s. Many of them feature computer viruses and hackers, either working to take down evil or bringing the free world to a standstill. 

While the threats may have changed, the need for security hasn’t. As IT has evolved, security has evolved right alongside it. 

Of course, the threats have also been evolving. Today, business leadership doesn’t need to be as concerned about viruses (although they still exist and cause harm) as in the past. Instead, phishing scams, malware, and other security threats are more pressing concerns

The point of the matter is security still presents a major concern for any IT department.

Call in the Specialists

One thing to note is the sophistication of threats today. As technology has become more sophisticated and users more savvy, those who mean harm have had to reinvent their tactics. It’s why viruses are no longer the most common or threatening security issue for business IT departments.

This level of sophistication is why you need IT security specialists working in your company. While most companies employ IT specialists, many of them with some security skills, the number of threats your business faces today is higher than ever before.

Your IT workers are doing their best with the skills and talent on hand, but they could use the expertise and leadership of a true specialist.

Why Specialists?

You’re probably wondering why you need IT security specialists. After all, you hire talented IT professionals. Surely they have some security knowledge. Your mobile app development team needs to program security functions right into your new customer-facing app, so they have to know a thing or two about the subject.

They do, of course! They also have many other skills, and you likely hired them for those specializations. You can’t expect your mobile app developers to be experts in security, even if they know enough to get by.

Instead, you need IT security specialists who really know what they’re doing. Security is their primary skill, and they’ve had the time to develop and hone those skills. If someone else has questions, they can provide the answers.

An Overwhelming Job

The other reason you need IT security specialists? Security is an enormous job for just about any business today. No matter what industry you’re in, you collect information about your customers—and you need to keep it safe. With a rising number of sophisticated threats knocking on your door, your IT team may not be able to keep up.

Instead of taxing your team, hire some IT security specialists.

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